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The OFD Top 25: #20-16

High potential? Check. Proven Performance? Now is the time.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The One Foot Down Top 25 Countdown continues with #20-16 - also stay tuned over at Inside the Irish for Keith Arnold's composite rankings and final list.

#20: Matthias Farley

Farley made my All-Underrated team last week, and ISD had a great article as well on the quality of Farley's 2014 season compared to some all-conference selections. It would be a big surprise (and a bad sign for safety performance and health) if Farley doesn't have the nickel position locked down most of the year. There's probably a little bit of a ceiling here since Farley won't be in every package, but #20 feels about right.

High: 17 (Michael)
Low: 22 (Brendan)

#19: Corey Robinson

Catch radius! Was there any Irish receiver with more spectacular "almost" catches last year? Nope, and then you remember that the Junior Admiral was playing and recovering from fractured thumb for much of the season. Another offseason gaining strength to fight off press coverage will only help, and Robinson's upside is clear - see his mentions in first rounds of too-early 2016 mock drafts.

High: 17 (Eric)
Low:  22 (Michael)

#18: Elijah Shumate

High: 14 (Eric)
Low: 21 (Michael)

Hopes are high for Shumate and Max Redfield to gel and form a more consistent tandem at safety in 2015. The question with both isn't their physical tools or tackling, but communication in coverage and being in the right place at the right time. There's a pretty wide gap here our rankings - tied for third most of any player - and it seems like Shumate is one of many players with tons of potential, inconsistent performance so far in his career, and a big opportunity.

#17: Andrew Trumbetti

High: 15 (PBurns)
Low: 18 (Michael)

The big sophomore didn't make the cut in Keith's composite rankings, which means there's too many people underestimating Trumbetti. His numbers as a true freshman weren't gaudy, but he showed the ability to do everything last season and started the Music City Bowl. We are the leaders on this bandwagon and will welcome everyone on board by USC kickoff, but after that you'll watch our wagon disappear into the distance, leaving you ashamed and alone.

16: Steve Elmer

Elmer finally gets to own the right guard position this year and should benefit from more emphasis on the run game. He's an extremely athletic guard with fantastic size and two years of experience under his belt - would it surprise anyone if the last two years ended up looking pretty similar to Chris Watt's? Sounds good to me.

High: 12 (PBurns)
Low: 18 (Eric)