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Put these on the Big Screen: 5 Ideas for the Video Board

Scouring YouTube for ways to use the new Jumbotron well

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Love it or hate it, the Jumbotron (aka "video board") is coming. Many of the Notre Dame fans that oppose it don't seem to hate the idea of having it around for things like replay and highlights, but fear it will be it used in cheesy, lame, boring, obnoxious, or money grubbing ways (Beep Beep! It's the Gurley Leep TV Timeout!).

Instead of worrying about how it could be used poorly, let's browse YouTube for some videos that are worthy of being shown in Notre Dame Stadium, and add your own suggestions in the comments below.

1. Too loud for Michigan

This is essentially an instructional video that shouldn't be necessary, but is. This is the atmosphere Irish fans should be striving for (and that noise was made with many fewer people), and yes, it can have a potential effect on the outcome of the game.

2. Stanford 2012 goal line stand

First of all, shout out to the Irish Turning Point folks (Warning, that link is a YouTube channel you can start in and look up and it's five hours later), who should be hired immediately to produce content for the video board. In 2012 they made incredible videos each week with highlights from the last week's game and other footage from history and the past week, and it was amazing. That system would work well week to week - just give them access to all of the NBC video footage and let them work from now until the stadium renovations are complete.

This clip comes from their highlights in 2012 (post-Stanford, pre-BYU), and is awesome. I debated between other highlights from 2012, but this is my favorite - can't beat the rain, situation, reaction at the end, everything.

3. Catholics vs. Convicts

Put together 10 minutes of highlights of this game and let Rocket and Lou talk about what happened. It's a shame Miami will be coming to South Bend a year before the stadium renovations are finished, but a video like this would work anytime.

4. Golden Tate band jump

Ok, not this exact video, but I could watch Golden Tate jumping into Michigan State's band on loop over and over. I think the officials had a replay review of this play just to watch it over and over. Interview Golden and one of the Sparty band kids that he landed on, and you have video gold.

5. Rudy

Not so much before or during games, but Jack Swarbrick, if you're doing this whole video board deal it's time to go all in. The first 2017 home game is Temple, so ....before the second home game in the updated stadium - UGA! - let's have the pep rally in the stadium, followed by showing Rudy on the video board that night. Some people will think it's dumb, but they hate the Jumbotron and pep rallies already, families and kids will love it, and you wanted to use the stadium for more than just game days, right?