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Jumbotron (and other changes) Coming to ND Stadium in 2017

Notre Dame AD Jack Swarbrick announced today that changes would be coming to ND Stadium upon completion of the Campus Crossroads Project in 2017. The biggest among these: a large video board in the south endzone.

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

In a move certain to be controversial among the ND fanbase, AD Jack Swarbrick announced today that a video board would be installed in the south endzone of Notre Dame Stadium as part of the Campus Crossroads Project. Swarbrick also mentioned the addition of ribbon boards along the east and west sides of the stadium as well. The video board, along with other changes are expected to be finished in time for the 2017 season. There were no specifics given regarding the size or shape of the board, but like video boards in Compton Ice Arena and Purcell Pavillion, the athletic department stated that they would NOT be used for any advertising. The announcement comes one year after the installation of artificial turf to Notre Dame Stadium.

While the addition of technology will undoubtedly be the biggest and most contentious change to the House Rock Built, a number of smaller alterations were announced as well.

First, the scoreboard in the north endzone will be removed to give fans a better view of the Word of Life Mural on the Hesburgh Library (better known as Touchdown Jesus) during games.

The Notre Dame AD also announced the removal of the wooden benches currently in use throughout most of he stadium. Often criticized for being uncomfortable and too narrow, the wooden benches will be replaced with more modern, vinyl-clad benches with a standard width of 18" between seating positions.

Upgrades are also coming to the concourses with restroom improvements, better lighting, concession renovations, and video monitors coming to the concourses on both the lower and upper levels. Lastly, the stadium WiFi will get a boost, and the sound system will be enhanced.

The addition of a jumbotron has been debated endlessly among Irish fans, and this announcement will undoubtedly restart them. Stay tuned to One Foot Down over the next few days for continuing coverage of the changes coming to Notre Dame Stadium.