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Notre Dame Ranked 11th in 2015 Pre-Season AP Poll

4 additional Notre Dame opponents also end up in the first poll.

Michael Hickey/Getty Images

With the College Football Playoff Committee doing their thing the polls don't mean as much as they used to but a damn it their still real to some of us. On Sunday afternoon the Associated Press released their first poll of the 2015 season and here it is below:

Ranking Team Points
1 Ohio State (61) 1,525
2 TCU 1,428
3 Alabama 1,322
4 Baylor 1,263
5 Michigan State 1,256
6 Auburn 1,192
7 Oregon 1,156
8 USC 1,085
9 Georgia 991
10 Florida State 959
11 Notre Dame 873
12 Clemson 862
13 UCLA 698
14 LSU 675
15 Arizona State 605
16 Georgia Tech 588
17 Mississippi 563
18 Arkansas 410
19 Oklahoma 394
20 Wisconsin 393
21 Stanford 347
22 Arizona 311
23 Boise State 240
24 Missouri 219
25 Tennessee 114

The Breakdown

The Top 4 remains the same as the Coaches Poll released a few weeks ago. The Ohio State Buckeyes become the first ever unanimous No. 1 in the history of the AP Poll.

Michigan State rounds out the top 5, whereas they were at 6th in the Coaches. Auburn is also one spot higher in comparison, while Oregon received the No. 5 spot in the Coaches and 7th in the AP.

Florida State and USC flip flopped positions and Georgia remains at 9th in both polls.

Also remaining in the same spot in both polls is our own Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

In total, 4 Irish opponents make the pre-season AP Poll including USC (8th), Clemson (12th), Georgia Tech (16th), and Stanford (21st). Clemson and Stanford remain in the same spots in each poll, while Georgia Tech moved up one spot in the AP Poll.