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Five Wide Fullbacks: Football is Back Edition

You've waited long enough for football and a new edition of Five Wide Fullbacks.

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1) It wasn't exactly a throwaway comment during his opening fall presser but Brian Kelly briefly mentioned that Justin Brent would be auditioning at running back over the next few weeks. Good idea?

I mean it certainly doesn't hurt at this point does it? Brent is still really young but this looked like the off-season where the coaching staff looked over the receivers and said, "Yeah, this is going to be difficult for you."

We (and just about everyone else) talked about Brent as someone who could switch positions and with the suspension of Bryant, well it makes sense.

If this was last year or the year before I'd be more skeptical because of the offense and Brent's fit. But if we see some power spread schemes, and Zaire truly does get defenders to pinch down the line and cheat too much, I can envision Brent taking a few sweeps for quality gains with plenty of green grass in front of him. Maybe 20 total carries with 3 or 4 10+ yard runs? Is that acceptable? For someone who might be 4th string at best I'd take that.

2) Is there a better time to predict the firing of coaches than during fall camp? No there is not please name 4 coaches who will get the ax this season.

With so many changes over the past couple years this is getting tough to do. Here we go...

Willie Taggart, South Florida: It feels like he's been at USF for more than 2 full seasons. He's been on the hot seat for more than a year. He's probably as good of a bet as anyone.

Al Golden, Miami: Five years will be plenty of time for Golden. Once they get to 3 losses and their recruiting continues to be poached he's a goner.

Mike London, Virginia: Tough schedule and it'll be 6 years for the originial DGT™ coach. Two factors that come together equaling a new coach.

Paul Rhoads, Iowa State: An even longer tenure about to come to an end as Rhoads enters year 7 and is on the the hot seat.

3) Let's assume Will Fuller leads the Irish receivers in most if not all categories. Who will be the second best in the stat column?

I'll take a clean sweep by Corey Robinson in catches, yards, and touchdowns.

Although the talk of him leaving early and being a 1st-round talent were a bit much earlier this off-season he's someone who just keeps getting better and with his size that's pretty scary. Did I just talk myself into him actually going that high in the Draft?

Nah, but hopefully with two healthy hands this year Robinson comes down with a few extra deep passes and adds a few more touchdowns. I really think his broken thumb really zapped his productivity last year.

4) The other football has started and the English Premier League is through its first weekend of play. Who will make up the Top 8 and who is going down to the Championship?

1 Manchester City

They're still adding pieces and are going to be outrageously dangerous on offense. That'll be the difference.

2 Chelsea

Crushingly strong on defense but one injury from the group of Hazard, Remy, Falcao, and Costa might make it a little difficult to keep scoring enough goals. Plus, they'll be bored after last year.

3 Arsenal

Not off to a great start! And really haven't made any moves in the transfer window. They're too talented to drop any further.

4 Manchester United

Re-loading and the roster feels better than last year. Don't trust LVG.

5 Liverpool

A handful of really nice signings mixed with playing to their potential.

6 Swansea City

They are this year's Southampton, moving up a couple spots from last year.

7 Tottenham

Tried to shore up the defense (TBD) in the transfer session but still hot and cold in the midfield while relying too much on Kane to score.

8 Crystal Palace

Also moving up a couple spots from 2014-15.

18 Sunderland

19 Bournemouth

20 West Bromwich Albion

5) Okay, let's get to the real important EPL news. Who has the best new kit in the league?

I think many clubs took a step back with their kits this year. I don't like Manchester United's moved to Adidas at all. Chelsea's move to Yokohama is a downgrade, and their away kit looks like a French national product. Arsenal's away set last year was amazing and poopy this year.

But these all-white Liverpool away kits are killing everyone with their freshness.

After the shirt leaked I wondered if they'd wear black shorts--something they've done with their last two white tops--but luckily enough they went with a stripped down version that looks amazing.