Announcing the new OFD Mailbag!

What does BVG listen to on that headset before games, and why is it anything other than Enter Sandman on repeat? - Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Calling all OFD Readers!!

"Give me your tweets, your emails,

Your huddled masses of questions yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your idle mind.

Send these, the unanswered, hare-brained, to me:

I lift my mailbag beside the golden dome."


Now's your chance to learn what we think about any and everything ND related (or even not ND related). We are looking for questions from our beloved readers that will help spark some fun conversation, and provide us with some insight and levity throughout 2015 training camp and the upcoming season.

No matter what your question, send it to one of the following avenues:

The mailbag posts will also be published under our official OFD accounts on Facebook and Twitter; where question submissions will also be accepted. Comment sections of mailbag articles (including this one) are also a fine place to ask away.

When submitting questions, please include your name (real or imaginary), location (real or imaginary), and whether or not you would like the question to run anonymously.

We will run the first installment of the OFD Mailbag once we have enough questions, and then regularly throughout the season.

The mailbag depends on you to be awesome, so submit early and often with anything you want!!!

FanPosts are primarily for readers of One Foot Down to share and express information and commentary. The content provided doesn't always reflect the voice or collective thought of One Foot Down.