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French Lineman Commits to Irish Program

Father Sorin, Brother Andre, and Father Moreau are all raising a glass somewhere to Notre Dame's latest 2016 commitment.


verbal commit banner

Notre Dame received its 11th commitment in the 2016 recruiting class today when mauling guard Parker Boudreaux pledged to the Irish. Boudreaux is listed at 6'4" and 287 pounds; the 247 Composite has him as the #335 overall player, #13 offensive guard, and #48 player in Florida. Boudreaux has one of the most extensive cohorts in the country, with over 70 documented offers. As you might expect with a list of that size, you'll find many blue bloods among his suitors; in addition to Notre Dame, Clemson, Oklahoma, Florida, and Georgia Southern, his announced finalists, he holds offers from Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, Miami, Michigan State, Mississippi State, Ohio State, Oregon, Penn State, Tennessee, Texas... Well, you get the idea.

Spoiler alert: The linked video announces his commitment to the Irish. You'll still enjoy it.

While Harry Hiestand's professed "dream class" will not come to pass after Ben Bredeson's commitment to Michigan, it's still a pretty amazing group. Tommy Kraemer, Liam Eichenberg, and Parker Boudreaux have the potential to form the core of a juggernaut offensive line unit in a few years, even without a fourth amigo. The Irish will probably pursue a fourth lineman in this class, but they will be extremely picky about it given the guys who are on board.

One other tweet to share... Parker's mother Sarah posted this today, which I just love. Hey, look, Parker makes it three of our last four commits who also play quarterback! #athletes

Recruiting Service Rankings

Rivals - 4 star (5.8 rating), NR overall, #25 position, #44 in Florida

247 - 4 star (92 rating), #192 overall, #9 position, #28 in Florida

ESPN - 4 star (81 rating), #252 overall, #15 position, #43 in Florida

Scout - 3 star, NR overall, #22 position, #47 in Florida

247 Composite - 3 star (0.8876 rating), #335 overall, #13 position, #48 in Florida


We've talked before about how Hiestand has clearly targeted the toughness trait in his offensive line recruiting over the last few years. While the competition is stiff, Boudreaux might be the meanest lineman Harry has picked up so far in South Bend. The highlight reel below is full of pancakes, of course, but also a number of plays where Boudreaux is nowhere near the football - like 20 yards away - and is still planting people in the turf or literally drive-blocking them off the field. It's almost as if he doesn't just want to block successfully for the play - he wants to make his opponent want to stop playing. Check the play at the 2:40 mark; he falls on the same poor bastard three times. There's not much analysis to offer of his positive traits that can't be summed up by saying he's a monster, plain and simple.

I think he'll need some work on pass blocking technique, not surprisingly. Even when he pass blocks on this reel, he relies heavily on the pancake. That works now, but at the next level it'll be overly aggressive and will get him into trouble, much like how Brian Kelly described Steve Elmer's early growing pains at tackle. Then again, having an offensive lineman who's too mean is a nice problem to have.

Junior Year:

Instant Impact

Boudreaux will almost certainly join his classmates Tommy Kraemer and Liam Eichenberg in redshirting in 2016. The trio will no doubt bond - in fact, they probably have started to already - while they hone their technique and improve their strength and conditioning.

Long Term / Career

Boudreaux will probably follow the path that is now standard for offensive linemen in South Bend, even the elite ones. He'll begin to contribute in spot duty as a redshirt freshman, make the two-deep the next year with a chance at being a starter if he performs, and probably earn a starting role by his redshirt junior year. He, Kraemer, and Eichenberg should be a lot of fun to watch work together in a few years. Hiestand has built a machine.

Welcome to the family, Parker!