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Top 5 Plays of the 2014 Irish Football Season #2: Icing the Shutout

Our ongoing experiment in animating the top 5 plays of the 2014 football season

Michigan Still Hasn't Scored
Michigan Still Hasn't Scored

Another week has passed and here we are at number 2 in our top 5 countdown of last season's plays.  This one is particularly great because no matter how the season would eventually turn out, we will always have this gem in our back pockets to enjoy.  That's right, I'm talking about the fact that Michigan Still Hasn't Scored.  Before we get to that, let's recap the countdown so far:

5.   Brindza's game winning field goal over LSU

4.  Golson's beautiful 53 yard TD strike on the run to 'Sise against Rice

3.  Jameis Winston gets pressured and coughs up an INT

So, for #2, for me, the play that really sealed the deal was Kolin Hill's sack of Michigan QB Devin Gardner on 4th in 10 late in the 4th quarter.  With the ball on the ND 23, this, realistically, was going to be Michigan's last chance to put points on the board, but Coach Brian Vangorder dialed up some pressure to ensure a big fat chicken egg on the scoreboard for Michigan.  Hill and friends arrived in Gardner's face rather quickly, and the ND faithful were left with this lasting image of their new DC:


The best part is that what also still remains is the comfort, day in and day out, of knowing that Michigan still hasn't scored against us.  And what better way to capture that than a time-lapse animation of the scoreboard of every single day that Michigan continues not to score: