Former Irish Hoopster Danielle Green wins ESPY

Danielle Green wins Pat Tillman Award for Service

Don't know how many of you are familiar with Danielle Green, who played hoops at ND while I was there. She enlisted in the Army after graduation and was hit in an IED attack in Iraq and lost her left arm from just below the elbow down. Last night at the ESPYs she was awarded the Pat Tillman Award for Service. She now works as a Veteran's counselor in South Bend. I can't imagine anyone better--some poor guy trying to get his act together after leaving the service, it's not as if he could say "hey, you don't get it"--all she has to do is hold up her prosthetic hand and give him the stiff arm (literally).

As a Domer and a soldier, thought this was pretty cool and that I'd share. It seems I can't embed a video in a fanpost, but if one of the mods can do so, that'd be great. Otherwise, enjoy via youtube link .

Danielle Green receives Tillman Award

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