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Jerian Grant Drafted 19th by Washington Wizards, Traded to Knicks

Jerian Grant was taken 19th overall by the Washington Wizards. Before taking off the hat, he was dealt to the Knicks in a three team trade between New York, Washington, and Atlanta.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

While he waited longer than many expected, Jerian Grant heard his name in middle of the first round of the 2015 NBA Draft. The Washington Wizards took Grant with the 19th pick, and Grant's wait was over. It was announced shortly after the pick that Grant would be traded to the New York Knicks. New York sent Tim Hardaway to Atlanta, while Atlanta sent their 15th pick, Kelly Oubre, and two second rounders to Washington in a three team deal. While a mid-to-late first round pick usually means going to a stable, playoff team, the trade sends Grant to a team that was often the laughingstock of the NBA. On the positive side, due to the Knicks struggles, Grant will probably get more playing time right away. The Knicks also took European phenom Kristaps Porzingis with the fourth overall pick.

The move is somewhat disappointing for Irish fans hoping to see Grant excel in the NBA. While he should get plenty of run with the Knicks his rookie year, the team has been a disaster recently. Furthermore, Grant excelled with the distributing the ball in Mike Brey's motion offense. In New York, he'll be playing in the triangle, and could frequently spend offensive possessions watching Carmelo Anthony dominate the ball. Additionally, Grant's skill on the pick-and-roll may go to waste in New York. Jerian has the basketball IQ to learn the new offense, but it's definitely not one set up to use his skills. All that said, Jerian's uncle Horace did great things when playing under Phil Jackson both in Chicago and Los Angeles, and with Jackson serving as the Knicks president, they'll be hoping to replicate that success in the Garden. Despite he Knicks recent struggles, MSG remains one of the cathedrals of basketball, and Grant will get to play there 41 nights each year. While it would be an uphill battle, if the Knicks do turn things around, Jerian could become a star playing in the world's biggest basketball market.

From a Knicks perspective, fans of his new team seem excited about Grant. When the trade was announced at the draft, the Knicks fans immediately started cheering and chanting "Let's Go Knicks." For more information about Jerian's new team, check out the Knicks' SB Nation Community Posting and Toasting, and read their reaction to the pick here (spoiler alert, they like it).