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Hitting the Links: Return of the Links

College football is so close yet so far away. As it's the summer (but not yet astronomically the summer), let's enjoy a nice cup of coffee, tea, or hot lemon water and catch up on the past week of college football internet.

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Yesterday, while waiting for some coffee to brew, a coworker of mine said he felt like the national championship had just happened. Surely this conversation was simply started to sound over the clangs and hisses of a coffee machine at work, but I vehemently disagreed with his sentiment. The season seems so long ago. Graduating and declaring players are in the midst of contract negotiations and OTAs with NFL teams. The once throttling coaching carousel has coasted to a standstill. Spring games were played and spring game attendance was reported. So much has happened since January. Think of all the haircuts your barber has given you since January.

And yet, we have never been closer to college football. Irish Turning Point's Twitter account has been counting down the days to the Notre Dame/ Texas game using jersey numbers. This game is eighty-four days away. Tomorrow the game will be eighty-three days away. Et cetera, et cetera. With each day, we are one day closer to the terrifying lows, the dizzying highs, and the creamy middles of the college football season. We are eighty-four days away from completely putting 2014's losses behind us. We are eighty-four days closer to the promise of a new season. There will be revelry and disappointment, perhaps from one play to the next. Three months seems like an eternity now, but honestly? Three months is nothing.

For now we have summer. We can tend to our lives and the Saturday obligations that we will be unable make time for come the fifth of September. Summers bring baseball, weddings, cookouts, and leisure. With the heat, things move a bit more slowly. People might be more easy-going now before the real heat of July and August sets in. In this chill summer period, why not use your time to catch up on all the internet wonders you missed during the week? Sit back, enjoy a hearty breakfast, and check out the past week from our corner of the internet. We insist.


Over at Fox Sports, Stewart Mandel took a look back at conference realignment five years after Colorado bolted from the Big 12 for the Pac-12. Where were you on June 10, 2010? Honestly, I have no idea where I was. If you have a ready-made answer for that question, I would be suspicious of you. What are you trying to hide, Colorado?

"How are you, UNC?"

"Not great, Bob!"  The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill  has been put on probation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. This could mean many things in the future. Now, it means probation.

There were a few quarterback transfers this week, including Purdue's Danny Etling and Georgia's Jacob Park. Also, Connor Brewer is transferring to UVA (Greyson Lambert had previously confirmed he was transferring from Virginia to Georgia, but HtL is all about this week and Lambert decided to announce his movement last week. To paraphrase Seinfeld, "No link for you, Greyson." That is a quote from Bania, Jerry's comedian acquaintance.)

Sometimes I feel like Jim Harbaugh is playing a very long joke on most of the college football press. I have no idea what the punchline will be, but I am certain I will respect it.

Reading this link really wants me to start going to the gym more regularly and take cooking classes. You know, just generally better myself. No, it's fine, Everett, I am doing great and have not listened to Dashboard Confessional in several years.

Did you know SBNation has a college football newsletter you can get in your inbox every weekday? If interested, check this out. If you want Hitting the Links in your inbox every Saturday, just email mw. What's my email you ask? That's part of the mystery.

Robert Klemko of the MMQB put together a list of coordinators, college coaches, and other folks who are likely to become NFL coaches soon. Brian Kelly is not on the main list, but he is on one of the lists. There are several lists in the article.

Dan Rubenstein invites Spencer Hall and Ryan Nanni to a pool party on the latest Solid Verbal podcast. Ty Hildenbrandt is mysteriously absent. . .


Here are our most recent Big Boards - Defensive LineTight Ends/ Offensive LineAthlete/ Wide ReceiverBacks (Running and Quarter)Secondary, and Linebackers.

Jhonny Williams is transferring.

College basketball will be a wee bit different next year.

Should Notre Dame get in on this satellite camp craze sweeping the nation?

Break out those airplane miles or credit card rewards points. It's time to go road tripping!

What's up with Notre Dame defending spread offenses?

Irish Links of Note

Jahlil who? Karl-Anthony what now? Kristaps Por-huh? Pay no mind to those names, because Chris Mannix's latest mock has Jerian Grant going to the Houston Rockets. Pretend there are pages of high-five emojis here. Pat Connaughton is not in this mock draft. Remember this when everyone attempts to buy tickets for the Pat Connaughton bandwagon.

Speaking of H-Town, the Houston Astros selected Conor Biggio during this year's MLB draft.

Brian Kelly made some interesting comments this week, so Steven Godfrey and Bud Elliott were #TalkinBoutTheNotreDameCoach

BGI: Notre Dame extends offer to  Amon-Ra St. Brown. Hey, that's Equanimeous' brother!

Irish Illustrated: Boudreaux loved his ND visit. Sure it is only June, but let us soak in these positive visit vibes.

Inside the Irish gives an update on Ishaq Williams.

ISD: On the one hand, ($). On the other hand, our own Jamie Uyeyama has an update on the SMSB camp.

What was your favorite college football story this week?