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DE Jhonny Williams to Transfer

Sophomore defensive end Jhonny Williams announced that he intends to transfer from the University of Notre Dame.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Sophomore Jhonny Williams has announced his intention to transfer from Notre Dame. The defensive end, originally from Benton Harbor Michigan, stated via Facebook that he will be leaving the program. Williams didn't see action his freshman season, and wasn't expected to crack the two-deep this fall. The loss will hurt the Irish depth and in upcoming season, however, especially when coupled with the loss of incoming freshman Bo Wallace. Williams made no mention of a potential destination, but had nothing but positive things to say about Notre Dame and its football program. Speaking to Tom Loy at Irish 247, Williams said,

This has nothing to do with the football program or anything with the staff. I can't say it enough how much I appreciate my time at Notre Dame. This was just a decision about family. My family has been going through some stuff and my mom is dealing with some stuff and I just want to be a little closer to home right now.

Williams was originally a three-star recruit with an undersized frame, but had worked up to 260 lbs from 230 lbs during his time in the Irish strength program. The loss of Williams and Wallace makes defensive line recruiting for the 2016 cycle even more important. With Williams moving on, the scholarship situation became a little less muddled, but with Ishaq Williams still seemingly in limbo, we may have to wait even longer before the roster picture is completely clear.