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OFD Bracket Challenge - We Have a Winner!

All hail RSot22.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations to the 2015 OFD Bracket Challenge winner: RSot22.  RSot played the "Advanced" version of the RT Brakets game (allowing in game changes) and racked up 4,265 total points. Second place finisher, Smith4154 played the "Traditional" set-up, freezing their picks before ND opened the tournament and finishing with 4,020 points by predicting Duke as the overall winner.

Here are your top five finishers:

  1. RSot22 - 4,265 Advanced
  2. Smith4154 - 4,020 Traditional
  3. ObamaSux - 3,768 Advanced
  4. onthebay - 3,382 Intermediate
  5. vikings - 3,300 Traditional
All hail RSot22!  You win the prize of pride and the admiration of the OFD community. Feel free to fashion a championship belt or trophy for yourself.

Thanks to all who played along. To see the whole leaderboard, be sure to visit the RTBrackets site.