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2015 NFL Draft Open Thread

The NFL Draft takes place this weekend. Stop by and chime in on any or all of the picks.

Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

An annual spring football ritual takes place this weekend--the NFL draft.  This year's location has changed from the typical Radio City Music Hall in New York to Chicago's Auditorium Theater.

Stop on by to chime in on the picks--whether they be former Irish players (our own OFD primer can be found HERE) or your favorite pro team.


2015 NFL Draft


1st Round - Thursday, April 30th - 8 PM

2nd and 3rd Rounds - Friday, May 1st - 7 PM

4th - 7th Rounds - Saturday, May 2nd - 12 PM


1st Round - NFL Network, ESPN

2nd and 3rd Rounds - NFL Network, ESPN2

4th - 7th Rounds - NFL Network, ESPN