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2015 Spring Blue and Gold Game Open Thread

Be sure to tune in on cable and join in the conversation at OFD.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The annual spring game ritual has changed a bit this year due to the Campus Crossroads project.  Here are the essential details for viewing the game:

When:  Saturday, April 18 -- 12:30 PM "Kickoff"

How to watch:  NBC Sports Network


Game Format (per

  • The first half will have two 12-minute quarters with normal clock stoppages.
  • The second half will feature two 15-minute quarters with a running clock.
  • Clock stoppages will occur only due to injuries or timeouts.
  • No play clock
  • Offense will wear blue, while defense will wear white


  • Each team will be allowed three timeouts per half.


  • Halftime will last 15 minutes.


  • Quarterbacks will be live in the first half.
  • Each possession will begin on the 35-yard line.
  • There will not be any kickoffs.
  • All punts will be fair caught.
  • A scoring point system will determine the winner of the game.
  • There will not be an overtime period should the score be tied at the end of regulation.



  • Touchdown: 6 points
  • Extra Point: 1 point
  • 2-point Conversion: 2 points
  • Field Goal: 3 points
  • Big Chunk Pass (25+ yards: 2 points
  • Big Chunk Run (20+ yards): 2 points


  • Touchdown: 6 points
  • Turnover Forced Before 50-yard line: 4 points
  • Turnover Forced After 50-yard line: 2 points
  • Defensive Stop Before 50-yard line: 2 points
  • Defensive Stop After 50-yard line: 1 point
  • Safety: 2 points
  • Sack: 1 point