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Kyle Chandler as Coach Eric Taylor named Irish Special Teams Coach

Chandler to play as Coach Eric Taylor from Friday Night Lights in hopes of improving maligned Irish Special Teams unit.

With clear eyes and a full heart, Notre Dame Head Coach Brian Kelly announced the final hiring to the Irish coaching staff Wednesday morning at a relatively packed press conference.

In a surprising move, Kelly announced that actor Kyle Chandler, famous for his portrayal of Texas high school football coach Eric Taylor from the critically-lauded "Friday Night Lights," will be helming the Irish Special Teams unit.

The catch is that Chandler will be performing the role completely in the character of the East-West Dillon High head coach in the amazingly awesome NBC drama.

"Look, I got the series on DVD over Christmas, binge-watched after the bowl game, and really got what the show was all about." said Kelly, clad in a hunter green plaid blazer. "I said to myself, 'Brian,' this guy has the answer to why our coverage unit was so sub-par this past season."

Kelly voiced his proposal to Notre Dame Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick, who was cool to the idea until an astounding development changed his perspective.

"I really didn't get having an actor be a coach," said Swarbrick. "But it turns out that embedded in the NBC television contract is a clause where it's encouraged that current and former stars of NBC shows take on active roles in the University. Hiring Coach Taylor to the football team was a no-brainer after discovering that."

Chandler himself wasn't quite sure of being able to tackle the role either.

"I wasn't really big on being a method actor here, especially in a role I haven't played since 2011, but I sat down with Coach Kelly and watched game tape of this past season." said Chandler, also clad in a plaid blazer and sitting in front of a nameplate bearing his Friday Night Lights moniker. "I said to myself, 'well, they're so inconsistent that maybe I can knock some Texas sense into 'em.'"

Coach Taylor clad in Kelly-esque blazer for his press conference, was all smiles.

Coach Taylor's appearance on the sideline is nothing new. Last season, he appeared on the Irish sideline during the Shamrock Series matchup with Purdue as part of an NBC promo of the Friday Night Lights Blu-Ray announcement. Taylor shadowed Kelly during the 3rd and 4th quarters.


Kelly said that Coach Taylor will start immediately and will handle the kicking, punting and coverage duties. When asked how we would motivate the maligned special teams unit, Taylor smiled.

"I stick by my saying which is guaranteed to work," He said. "Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can't lose."