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Coach Brian Kelly Selected as First Ever "Admiral For a Week" By United States Navy

As a part of their inaugural program to immerse civilians into the military, Coach Kelly chosen to lead the United States Navy's Third Fleet out of San Diego, California.

In a surprising move as a part of the United States Navy's first ever "Admiral For a Week" program, Coach Brian Kelly from the University of Notre Dame Football Team was selected to lead the Navy's Third Fleet out of San Diego California to Australia as a part of a joint military exercise named Operation Wicked Googly.  "With the strong history between the United States Navy and Notre Dame, this was an opportunity I could not pass up," Coach Kelly told a throng of reporters outside of 32nd Street Naval Station.  "Yes, this was a surprising honor, but also useful," Coach Kelly continued.  "I was able to knock off some west coast recruiting while I was out here and this was a good selling point.  How many coaches have, literally, led troops into battle?"

Brian Kelly Ship 2

Coach Brian Kelly looks on as the flight deck crew directs air support for Operation Wicked Googly.

To help with morale on board, Coach Kelly instituted a football training regimen for the crew.  "Coach Kelly has been a fantastic leader on the ship," said PO3 Nate Boh, a crew member on board the USS Old Bay .  "Instead of the regular PT, he has us running in this giant sandbox that he built on the flight deck."  Said SN Lars Pantsonfars of Coach Kelly's leadership, "Throwing ping pong balls off of objects and into cups really beats scrubbing out the toilets with toothbrushes."

CAPT Malcolm Reynolds of the USS Leaf Wind, one of the ships in Coach Kelly's fleet, remarked, "I think it's great that we are having this exchange program.  Coach Kelly is a natural sailor, much better than my last passengers.  The last passengers I had on board were more trouble than they were worth."  CAPT Reynolds did say that he was proud to serve under Coach Kelly for the week as they were both leaders of "independents."

"The crews on board all of the ships in the fleet are great," Coach Kelly exclaimed.  "I expected them all to start diving at my legs when I set foot on deck, but apparently that only happens on the football field."  The Navy was also pleased with the inaugural program.  When reached for comment, VADM John Sworstone told our reporter, "I think it worked out well.  I am not sure how Coach Kelly was able to paint the bridge of one of the ships solid gold, but it really shows that he wanted to make the fleet his own for the week. "

The joint exercise is expected to conclude in several days.