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The OFD Bracket Challenge - Sweet Sixteen Update

The Irish are still standing, are you?

Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

The first weekend of the 2015 NCAA Tournament is in the books, and to the joy and rejoicing of Notre Dame fans everywhere, the Irish are still dancing.

In our own OFD bracket challenge, there hasn't been much separation. The top few places have competitors as far back as mid-table that have potential scores that could give them a scare as the next two weekends play out.

The current leaders are Achoochoo and skinnyb, who both sit at 1,500 points and have a possible score of 5,340.

Achoochoo had 12 of the Sweet16 pics correctly calling MSU's upset over Virginia and WSU over Kansas. In the first round, correct calls on Georgia State's win over Baylor and Ohio State over VCU were both very impressive. Achoochoo selected Kentucky as the eventual champion.

skinnyb showed a little more faith in the Big12 in the first round and missed Oregon and Georgia State, but like Achoochoo, skinnyb is sitting on and impressive 12 of 16 regional semi-final participants. skinnyb has the Irish as their eventual champion.

Interestingly, the top 2 participants are both playing a "traditional" game where they locked their picks before ND kicked off play Thursday afternoon. There's a good mix of each type throughout the leaderboard. It looks like SBNation did a nice bit of work on that front. Unfortunately, they make it really tough on me to show the entire leaderboard, so feel free to check it out here.

The Top Ten

1.  Achoochoo
1. skinnyb
3. RSot22
4. holycrosshog
5. ManorMan10
6. clearwall
7. OderName
7. youngcrumudgeon
9. ObamaSux
10. TadND

The Bottom Five

72. jchapin
72. PaulRigney
75. ranch86
76. MBsSadRightHook
77. NDZibby

Yours truly is sitting in 64th right now. Of course, you know what this all means:

Clearly those at the top have a superior knowledge of basketball than the poor fools below them.

Enjoy the rest of the tournament everyone. Feel free to talk all the smack you'd like in the comments, and Go Irish!