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The OFD Bracket Challenge

Come join the One Foot Down community in a test of prognostication skills and blind luck with our 2015 Bracket Challenge

Any excuse we have to use this pic is a good one.
Any excuse we have to use this pic is a good one.
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Hello friends.

Welcome to the least-productive week in corporate and academic America. With three day drinking opportunities, you know the GDP will probably take a slight dip this week. Before you get to your green beers and "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" t-shirts, our good friends at SBNation have an NCAA bracket challenge for you to dominate. Of course, your picks might be better after a few beers.

We've created an One Foot Down group in SBNation's Real Time Brackets site, and you can join our public group here:  Sign up, join in, and get your picks together by Wednesday afternoon.

Here's the most important part: the prize! The challenge winner will receive the pride and joy of knowing they are the most dominant (lucky) bracket manager among our OFD community. You'll earn the right to create a championship belt (at your own expense) and change your signature line to "OFD Bracket Challenge Champion."

We here at OFD recommend any number of selection techniques for picking winners. KenPom ratings, uniform colors, mascots, coin-flipping, astrology... it's all good. Bonus points (that hold no actual value) will be applied to those who include a GIF of their bracket selection technique to the comments of this post.

So please, go HERE and join us in our OFD Bracket Challenge.