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Rankings Review / Duke Open Thread Part 2

A mixed bag of results led to an small drop in the polls for the Irish.

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports
Ranking: AP Coaches SBN Power Ranking ESPN Power Ranking Titus Winn KenPom RPI BPI SBN Bracketology Lunardi CBS Bracketology
This Week: 10th 10th Not Released 9th 9th Not Released 14th 29th 12th 3 Seed 3 Seed 3 Seed*
Last Week 8th 8th 9th 10th 7th 10th 12th 35th 12th 3 Seed 3 Seed 3 Seed
*dropped from top 3 seed
No rankings except KenPom include the BC game

Despite the big win over Duke, the loss to Pitt led to the Irish dropping in most of the polls. The Irish are still within the Top 10, but missed a major opportunity to climb higher. The defensive efficiency numbers are still worrying as the tougher conference schedule hasn't led to any increase the the team's ranking. The Irish defense might look better than its ranking (149 up from 153), but by this point in the season the ranking probably won't improve much more. The Irish offensive efficiency fell from 1st to 2nd (Wisconsin is first), but this really isn't much of a concern. The only silver lining about all of this is how ND is moving up the RPI despite some mediocre results due to the schedule strength improving.

ND has another chance to impress voters and algorithms at Duke later this week, and all eyes will be on Cameron this afternoon. Since the last game against the Blue Devils was just last week, there's no need for a big statistical preview for the game. Pretty much everything written here still applies. Since Duke lost at the JACC, the Devils rebounded with a win at Virginia and a close win at home over Georgia Tech.

Team Conf Overall
Virginia 8-1 20-1
Notre Dame 9-2 21-3
Louisville 7-2 19-3
North Carolina 7-3 17-6
Duke 6-3 19-3
Syracuse 6-3 15-7

Despite the Pitt loss, the Irish are still in the thick of the ACC race. ND should be favored in all of their remaining games save for the one at Louisville. If ND were to beat Duke, the Irish would remain in 2nd just one game behind UVA, and Duke would pick up it's fourth loss. With two games against UNC remaining, Duke would probably be out of the running for the ACC Regular Season Championship. While a loss to Duke wouldn't eliminate ND, they would probably need to run the table to have a chance to win the title. Regardless of the result this afternoon, the Irish are still in position for a Top-4 finish and a first round bye in the ACC Tournament which is more than we could have hoped in October.

Feel free to hang around and chat during the game. The Irish found a way to beat the Blue Devils once, and there's no reason they can't do it again.