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Former Notre Dame President The Rev. Ted Hesburgh Passes Away at 97

Please join us in celebrating and praying for one of the greatest members of the Notre Dame family.

It's with great sadness that we learned early Friday morning of the passing of The Rev Theodore Hesburgh who died late last night at the age of 97. Father Ted was in failing health for some time.

Hesburgh served as the President of Notre Dame from 1952 until 1987 and more than anyone else is directly responsible for building Our Lady in to the institution that it is today.

Words cannot express the impact that Father Ted had on the Notre Dame community and the world at large. There is no need to be shy and turn away from the fact that we have lost one of the greatest humans of our time. We can't possibly cover all of his great achievements in this one post so do us a favor and read about Hesburgh's legacy and celebrate his life with us today.

As expected, Hesburgh's death has been felt far and wide and leaves a trail of emotion for those who were blessed enough to have met him.

RIP, Father Ted.