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Q&A with BC Interruption

We sit down with BC Interruption to discuss this Saturday's Shamrock Series matchup against the Boston College Eagles.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Obviously BC hangs their hat on a solid defense, ranked very well across most statistics. What makes the defense so strong, and how do you see it lining up this Saturday against the Irish?

The depth of the Boston College defense has made them one of the elite units in the country. Their front seven are possibly the best in the ACC, and they actually have backups that would be starters on other teams. Linebacker Steven Daniels is an absolute beast this year, and has made game changing plays and kept BC in games where the offense has been putrid. In the secondary Isaac Yiadom has been a lock down corner for BC, and should line up against Will Fuller, but has a banged up shoulder. Another reason BC has been so successful is that defensive coordinator Don Brown has put together a great system for BC, that puts pressure up front through blitzes that keeps offenses guessing.

A home game for Notre Dame at Fenway Park against BC sounds like a joke, but it's what's actually happening this weekend. What are the thoughts on this game from the BC faithful?

There are two schools of thoughts here. One is that BC fans are just grateful that they are getting the opportunity to play in the game, and that UMass and UConn didn't scoop it up. Other fans are livid, finding it disrespectful to have the game played in their own backyard. Most fans are over the whole "Fenway" for non-baseball game stuff, and honestly most BC fans just wanted this game in South Bend a place BC fans love to travel to.

Who is one non-star player that ND fans may not know who is going to have a huge game against the Irish on each side of the ball?

On defense, I mentioned Steven Daniels, but look out for linebacker Matt Milano. He has been great on both defense and on special teams. He has two blocked kicks, 13.5 tackles for loss and 51 tackles. As the season has progressed he has made more and more plays, look out for him. On offense, it's hard to find a player to really crow about this year as the offense has been really bad. I would look for Thadd Smith, BC's primary wide receiver. He isn't much of a possession receiver, but he has made a few big plays and can get behind secondaries if the opposition goes after the run.

What unit on the field for the Eagles do you see as having some success against the Irish?

Certainly not the offense. It's hard to see them doing much against anyone, as they average almost 9 points a game against FBS schools. The defense will clearly have to be the group that sees success. They have for the most part been able to contain every offense they have faced (except against Clemson), if BC is going to win they are going to need to have an elite day out of the defense.

What's your prediction for the game this weekend, and how do we get there exactly?  Bonus points for GIF usage.

I think BC will stick around for part of this game as their defense will frustrate early, but ND will pull away late with a couple of big plays. Probably one on offense (I wouldn't be surprised if Will Fuller breaks a big one) and a defensive touchdown on a BC int/fumble. I'll go with Notre Dame 27 BC 13. 
This game will make BC fans feel like: