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Q&A with Blogger So Dear

We sit down with Robert Reinhard from Wake Forest SB Nation Blog Blogger So Dear to talk about the matchup this weekend between the Irish and Wake Forest.

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Be sure to visit Blogger So Dear to see my answers to the questions from their end!

Wake Forest has been having a rough season, entering this weekend at 3-6, but coming off of a narrow loss to a solid Louisville team. Is there any momentum for the Demon Deacons heading into this weekend, or is there not much to hang your hat on?

I think the biggest thing for Wake is that they finally had a bye week. Ideally a team has their bye week around week 5 or 6, but the Deacs played football for 9 consecutive weeks. The week off has helped the Deacs, and quarterback John Wolford is as healthy as he has been since week 2. The difficulty of the opponent makes it hard to get any sort of momentum is the caliber of opponents that we are facing over the coming weeks. Wake could play an outstanding game on Saturday but still lose by 2-3 touchdowns, just based on how excellent of a team Notre Dame is.

What are most Wake Forest fans looking for out of the last games of this season, with an eye toward the future? Where is this program headed?

Honestly, at 3-6, and with games remaining against Notre Dame, Clemson, and Duke, I think Wake fans are mostly just looking forward to the Duke game. Some, to be honest, are probably just hoping the season ends as quickly as possible. This program is absolutely headed in the right direction. Dave Clawson is a proven rebuilder of programs. He has done a very good job on the recruiting trail over the past few classes, and the offense is comprised almost entirely of freshmen or sophomores. Next season, the schedule is much easier, and the team should make a bowl game. Under Clawson, the program is headed towards being a team that perennial makes bowl games, and is a tough opponent every week.

Who is one non-star player that ND fans may not know who is going to have a huge game against the Irish on each side of the ball?

On the offensive end, I'll go with Cortez Lewis. He's a redshirt freshman who has a lot of talent. He is physical, and had some potential to make a few big plays in the passing game. On the defensive end, I'll go with Brad Watson. He's a good cover corner, and has the chance to make an interception on Saturday.

What unit on the field for the Demon Deacons do you see as having some success against the Irish?

I think Wake's receivers will have some success against Notre Dame. The Irish have one of the worst IsoPPP stats in the country, which means they are susceptible to big plays in the air.

What's your prediction for the game this weekend, and how do we get there exactly?  Bonus points for GIF usage.

Wake Forest 10 Notre Dame 42. Wake might start off "hot," but I think over time Notre Dame simply has too much offense for Wake Forest to keep up. Wake is probably going to try to run the ball against Notre Dame, but ND's front seven will stop our run game, not that we have much of one in the first place.

(Author's note: this likely isn't the exact gif that Robert sent me, but I only had a still image in my email, so I picked another Stone Cold GIF)