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2016 Notre Dame Football Recruiting: Offense

A player from California has the Irish in his top two.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

big board new

Welcome back to the OFD recruiting Big Board for Fighting Irish football.

The Big Board is empty at two positions - quarterback and tight end, where the Irish are set with Ian Book and nobody, respectively. With a glut of talented neophyte tight ends currently on the roster and Brock Wright and Cole Kmet committed in the 2017 class, there's no need.

Running Back
Score Player State Ht/Wt. Temperature 1* 2* 3* 4* 5*
.933 Damian Alloway CA 5-8/170 Mild
.848 Deon McIntosh FL 5-11/175 Warm
.928 Melquise Stovall CA 5-11/175 Mild

In Play

Before we get into the players... What's interesting is that all three of these guys are the same profile, and there has to be only one spot for that profile. So is this a first man in scenario? Does the staff have a pecking order? Either way, each of three is a spectacular athlete and would be fun to watch.

Damian Alloway will visit Notre Dame this weekend for the Wake Forest game, as will fellow Californians Oluwole Betiku (five star, instant-starter WDE prospect) and Irish commit DJ Morgan. Strength in California numbers, perhaps... It's a tight race between UCLA and Notre Dame, with Oregon lurking but not in the race unless they offer.

Nothing new on Deon McIntosh, who named Notre Dame his leader after his USC game visit.  He did tweet his appreciation for Brian Kelly and Autry Denson's visit to his school on the heels of his visit to theirs, though.

Melquise Stovall (no relation) just took an unofficial visit to Cal and will take an official to Boise State this weekend. With official visits to Notre Dame, Utah, and Arizona already in the books, he'll have one more official to take and is choosing from a handful of schools for it. He intends to announce at the Army All-America game.

Offensive Line
Score Player State Ht/Wt. Temperature 1* 2* 3* 4* 5*
.885 Stewart Reese FL 6-5/348 Cold

New This Week:

Nothing new on Stewart Reese, who we still expect to eventually pick Florida State. There was this kind of funny picture of him and his little brother, 2017 OLB David Reese, though - looks like somebody has been bogarting the potatoes at the family dinners.

Wide Receiver
Score Player State Ht/Wt. Temperature 1* 2* 3* 4* 5*
.945 Donnie Corley MI 6-2/180 Cold
.987 Nate Craig-Myers FL 6-2/205 Cold
.947 Javon McKinley CA 6-2/185 Mild
.982 Demetris Robertson GA 6-1/175 Mild

In Play:

So, we haven't really heard anything about Donnie Corley and Notre Dame in quite some time. The Irish are probably out of the picture, right? Well...

Kelly and Keith Gilmore were active in the Detroit metro area during the staff's bye week visit schedule, and it seems to have made an impression on Corley. I get the sense that there has been a lot more contact between the staff and Corley than anyone knows about - just a hunch, really. But this one could get more interesting before it's over in a few weeks.

Nothing new on Nate Craig-Myers, who visited for the USC game. As we've been saying for a while, he's more or less guaranteed to stay in the south and nearly guaranteed to head to Florida, where his brother is committed.

Javon McKinley is still a top target and still plans to announce at the Army All-America game, as he has all along. Ifit feels like his recruitment is dragging out, it's only because he's been on your radar for so long, which says more about his talent than anything else. Pulling him from the West Coast is going to be difficult, even though he has visited Notre Dame three times already; watch for whether he schedules a visit for the football banquet. Oregon, Washington, and UCLA are probably the top competition.

Elite athlete Demetris Robertson just scheduled an official visit to Ohio State, and reportedly could choose from Alabama and Georgia for his final official visit. He has already taken officials to Notre Dame and Cal, and has said Stanford will get one as well. So... Notre Dame, Stanford, Cal, Ohio State, Alabama, and Georgia. Setting aside non-athlete academic reputations, two of those things are not like the others. Robertson is very legitimately a high-academic kid who would fit in easily at Stanford or Notre Dame; we'll see if that's enough to pull him away from the mega state football factories he's considering. And Cal. Much like McKinley, watch to see if Robertson comes back for the football banquet.