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The Big E College Football Picks: Week 6

ESPN GameDay is in Salt Lake City this weekend for the Utah-Cal Pac-12 showdown.

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Week six is upon us and that chilly fall weather is starting to creep its way through the trees and into our bones. Pick up your dark beer and make your weekly picks with me.

Four contestants led the way last week: Ginger Mike, Beardown_Irish, Jaylon4Heisman, and pogmothoin. After 5 weeks, Beardown_Irish retains the overall lead with a 67-37 record.


Ya boy was just a few games back of the leaders last week.

Big E: 11-9 (54-50, 39th Overall)

Now for this week's picks...

No. 10 Oklahoma (-17) at Texas

Pick: Oklahoma

I'm actually surprised this line isn't in the low 20's with how potent the Sooners offense has looked this year. I guess you have to factor in the rivalry and everything, plus some weird stuff has happened in the Red River Shootout over the years.

How low can Texas go? Is there any fight left at all? I'd lock up Oklahoma.

No. 13 Northwestern (+7.5) at No. 18 Michigan

Pick: Michigan

I want you to close your eyes for a second. Let your brain go free for a moment. Now, imagine Jim Harbaugh winning more games in 2015 than Brian Kelly. We'll devour ourselves during the off-season.

This is a lot of points for two programs who are not giving up much on defense. Neither offense has been inspired, either. I just think Michigan at home, with better athletes, makes this a little bit more comfortable of a win as Northwestern comes down to earth a little bit.

No. 7 LSU (-13.5) at South Carolina

Pick: South Carolina

South Carolina has been a pile of doody this season. But let's not forget that LSU has mostly been sleep walking through the season, too. This has the feel of the Gamecocks putting in a good effort and keeping things a little closer than the experts think.

The Bayou Bengals need to get the passing offense going before I believe they'll cover almost 3 touchdowns in the SEC, even against lowly South Carolina.

No. 19 Georgia (-3) at Tennessee

Pick: Tennessee

Here's my bold pick of the week, the Vols upset Georgia inside Neyland Stadium this weekend. Tennessee is due for some luck to bounce their way and I'm not sure how great Georgia is while they are reeling from a huge loss to Alabama.

I think it's time for Tennessee to pick up a big win for Butch Jones that puts their fanbase in all sorts of disarray.

Georgia Tech (+7) at No. 6 Clemson

Pick: Clemson

From what I saw of Clemson's defense they shouldn't have much trouble containing Georgia Tech's offense. Remember in my Yellow Jackets review I mentioned that all of Kelly's wins as an underdog at home came against teams who ended up unranked?

You'll be adding Georgia Tech to that list after this season.

No. 11 Florida (-5.5) at Missouri

Pick: Missouri

All of a sudden Florida is SO HOT right now. If you subscribe to the theory that college football is full of crazy, then perhaps you'll agree with me that the Gators will lose this weekend only to see Missouri atop the SEC East once again.

You know Missouri is going to make the SEC Championship Game again and none of us will know how they got there. Well, let's try to remember this game against Florida.

Miami (+9) at No. 12 Florida State

Pick: Florida State

What if I told you Florida State had a potent run game and Golson wasn't turning the ball over? You'd probably think the Seminoles were piling the points on the scoreboard, right? Yet, they've been really vanilla on offense this year--almost cautious to a fault. It definitely feels like Jimbo Fisher's main early season goal was to rebuild Golson's confidence and get him to protect the ball at all costs.

I think this will be the first game where the handcuffs come off Golson a little bit and he spreads his wings. Maybe there's a turnover or two but FSU covers.

No. 23 California (+7) at No. 5 Utah

Pick: California

Here's a fascinating game. Utah has been tough as nails at home and can take another step toward their improbable claim as the best team in the country. On the other side we might see the Official Jared Goff Breakout Party and a signature win for Sonny Dykes.

I have no idea how these two forces will play out. I want to take the Utes' stingy defense but I'm also afraid of their offense laying an egg and Goff throwing for 450 yards and a backdoor cover even if the Bears lose.