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Notre Dame Football Recruiting Big Board: Offense

The offense is down to looking only for difference makers, and there are a few in the conversation.

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Welcome back to the OFD recruiting Big Board for Fighting Irish football.

The Big Board is empty at two positions - quarterback and tight end, where the Irish are set with Ian Book and nobody, respectively.

Running Back
Score Player State Ht/Wt. Temperature 1* 2* 3* 4* 5*
.933 Damian Alloway CA 5-8/170 Mild
.848 Deon McIntosh FL 5-11/175 Warm
.928 Melquise Stovall CA 5-11/175 Mild

Entering the Field

Nothing new to report. The staff flirted with Miami commit Travis Homer and there was some thought the Al Golden firing might make him available, but he (and his mother) quashed all rumors of wavering. He's solid to Miami and won't be re-entering the Big Board.

In Play

Damian Alloway looked like a near Irish lock over the summer, then seemed to back away and rethink his main options of Notre Dame, UCLA, and Cal. Even in the midst of all that, he has always hinted that an Oregon offer would be a game-changer for him. Well, he just told the Oregonian that he thinks Oregon is close to offering and if they do, they'll go to the top of his list. Stay tuned.

Deon McIntosh just visited for the USC game and named Notre Dame his leader. Miami is probably the main competition here, and in this case, the instability could help the Irish.

Melquise Stovall (no relation) just finished visits to Utah and Arizona and has one coming up in a couple of weeks to Boise State. That would make four official visits for him, including the one to South Bend for the Texas game. There's every reason to believe he has a very positive impression of the Irish, although it's hard to say who his leader is. He intends to announce at the Army All-America game.

Off the Board

No commits elsewhere by Irish targets.

Offensive Line
Score Player State Ht/Wt. Temperature 1* 2* 3* 4* 5*
.885 Stewart Reese FL 6-5/348 Cold

New This Week:

No new offers.

In Play:

Nebraska has been making a big push for Stewart Reese, but he finally got his long-coveted Florida State offer. Will it matter to him that the Noles came in relatively late in the game? We have no clear indication, but the probably answer is that it won't mean anything - a dream offer is a dream offer.

Off the Board:

Nothing new to report since the last update.

Wide Receiver
Score Player State Ht/Wt. Temperature 1* 2* 3* 4* 5*
.945 Donnie Corley MI 6-2/180 Cold
.987 Nate Craig-Myers FL 6-2/205 Cold
.963 Dylan Crawford CA 6-1/175 Cold
.986 Kyle Davis GA 5-11/195 Cold
.947 Javon McKinley CA 6-2/185 Mild
.982 Demetris Robertson GA 6-1/175 Mild

New This Week:

No new offers went out to receivers.

Off the Board:

Dylan Crawford finally got his "dream" Oregon offer, which may have vaulted the Ducks into the lead. Regardless, he has a list of finalists that doesn't include Notre Dame, which never gained any real traction with him.

According to 247, Kyle Davis has pushed back his announcement date. He'll choose from Auburn, Georgia, and Tennessee.

In Play:

Donnie Corley has once again set a commitment date, this time for December 8th. He's long been considered a Michigan State lean, and there seems to be no real reason to doubt that now. The Irish coaching staff did visit him recently, but he hasn't been to campus since junior day and, as always, you should follow the visits.

Five-star Nate Craig-Myers visited for the USC game, but that's probably about as far as the Irish will get in this recruitment. He took an official to Florida State a few days later, and also has Auburn and North Carolina at least nominally in the race. In the end, though, it would be a surprise to see him somewhere other than Florida, where his brother committed over the summer time.

The Irish are still in a strong position for Javon McKinley, but the question is how many other teams are also. The main competition looks like Washington and UCLA at this point. McKinley was at last Thursday's UCLA-Cal game in a 90% empty Rose Bowl, which may or may not have prompted this gem from Mike Sanford:

Elite athlete Demetris Robertson visited for the Texas game and was so impressed that Notre Dame jumped into serious contention for him. The glow seems to have faded some, though, as he never quite made it out for a second visit after considering coming to the USC game. The staff will work hard to get him back on campus; if that happens, we have a good shot. If it doesn't, we're probably out.