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The Doing Good Things Report, Volume I: We Included Michigan

Taking stock on all the teams Doing Good Things™ and those who are not.

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It feels just like yesterday when I was posting my mid-season DGT™ Report from 2014 and here we are already in October of the following season. In case you haven't been following One Foot Down our Doing Good Things moniker originally came out of the early Mike London years at Virginia. Today, that coach is 1-3 and probably getting fired after the season.

Let's check in on the rest of the country for 2015, shall we?

Doing Good Things

TEMPLE (3-0)

Currently sitting at 46th in F/+ and just waiting to scare the crap out of our Irish in a few weeks. The Owls were off this past week and are 3-0 with quality wins over Penn State and Cincinnati. A road trip to East Carolina prior to hosting Notre Dame will likely be the only road block to starting the season 7-0. This team can definitely go 9-3 at least.


Currently sitting at 64th in F/+ and scoring a cool 53.8 points per game this season. They might be the favorite to win the AAC with Cincinnati faltering (just loss to Memphis last week). There are still some tough league games left though, plus Ole Miss comes to town in a couple weeks. They still might lose a few games but the Tigers are really dangerous.


Currently sitting at 57th in F/+ and making Ohio State miss Tom Herman. The new Cougars head coach has got off to a blazing start with 2 easy wins over lightweight opponents and a big road win at Louisville. It's a little early to say things are going amazing but Houston has done just enough to make this list.


Currently sitting at 16th in F/+ and yes that's not a typo. I've always said the Michigan roster was a lot more loaded than most pundits said after Hoke was fired. They just lack a few pieces on offense--big pieces to become an elite team but there's enough spread out over the roster to be okay this year. And so far, the defense is playing outstanding and the offense doing juuuuuust enough.


Currently sitting at 26th in F/+ and ready to win the Big Ten! Their win over Stanford is looking even better right now. This really could be a special season for the Wildcats, they miss Ohio State and Michigan State. Three road games at Michigan, Wisconsin, and Nebraska are going to be defining and the difference between finishing ranked or not.

TOLEDO (3-0)

Currently sitting at 49th in F/+ and quietly having an amazing season thus far. The Rockets already have wins over two Power 5 teams (Arkansas & Iowa State), plus a blowout win over Arkansas State. Give this program some love!

UTAH (4-0)

Currently sitting at 21st in F/+ and getting some love as the No. 1 team in the country going by the resume test. That might be a little much, still this has been an incredible beginning for Kyle Whittingham. The collapse of the Oregon Empire might be imminent according to some. But if the Ducks recover to have a good season and still contend for the North division that 42-point win in Eugene is going to look amazing at the end of the year.


Currently sitting at 36th in F/+ and still laughing at Tennessee. The Gators aren't being taken seriously right now in the aftermath of Coach Boom's tenure, but have a nice resume through a third of the season. An 8-4 season might be the ceiling with a bunch of highly ranked opponents coming up, though.

Not Doing Good Things

UCF (0-4)

Currently sitting at 86th in F/+ and collapsing around George O'Leary. The head coach's future is up in the air and the Knights look to be not really putting up much of a fight in 2015. I mean, if they improve there look to be some wins out there. If there's no improvement this could be a spectacular double-digit loss season.


Currently sitting at 82nd in F/+ and reeling hard after last week. Hard to believe this is Randy Edsall's 5th season in College Park, right? He's maxed out at 7 wins in each of the last 2 seasons and might have a tough time getting to 5 wins in 2015. The Terps were blown out 45-6 by WVU last week and now have 4 of the best teams in the Big Ten over their next 6 games. Good luck.

PURDUE (1-3)

Currently sitting at 87th in F/+ and dealing with 3 losses already despite scoring 30 points per game. By the time the Boilermakers visit Illinois on November 7th their head coach could be 6-26 at best and that's giving them a win against Minnesota. If Darrell Hazell is sitting on 5 wins through the bulk of 3 seasons it might be time to start looking for another leader.

UTSA (0-4)

Currently sitting at 100th in F/+ after playing a murderous schedule to begin the season. Perhaps it's not fair that the Roadrunners are here after playing 3 teams from the Power 5 conferences so far. Larry Coker will need a solid league record, though. He was DGT™ a couple years ago and has been sliding ever since.


Currently sitting at 124th in F/+ and going nowhere. Not long ago Craig Bohl was an 'it' coach with a bright future after dominating at North Dakota State. This season has been a disaster so far and last year's 4 wins weren't all that special either. It's worth monitoring this situation--I could see Bohl bolting town in December.


Currently sitting at 96th in F/+ and hoping we forgot about their opening week loss to Portland State. True, they've rebounded with wins over Rutgers and Wyoming but come on now. The Cougars only won 2 games in league play last year and will need to do better this year. The Dread Pirate might not be around much longer.


Currently sitting at 24th in F/+ and still dizzy after their last 2 losses. That's still a really positive F/+ ranking but does it matter if you could be 3-4 in a few weeks? Or what if they lose to Arkansas this weekend? The schedule softens up soon so there's that to look forward to in November. Until then, Butch Jones is under a lot of fire and that's being kind.

AUBURN (2-2)

Currently sitting at 43rd in F/+ and why is Auburn so damn weird? They might be the worst team in recent memory who was thought to be a national contender and SEC favorite. Although, many people thought the pre-season hype was ridiculous but did anyone think they'd be this dreadful? They desperately need to win their next 3 games because Auburn might lose 4 out of their last 5 games. That's a 6-6 season for you math majors.


Currently sitting at 29th in F/+ and no longer the darkhorse team in the SEC. Can they turn it around? It'll be tough with road games at Tennessee, Alabama, Ole Miss, and LSU still left. You lose all those and Arky is looking at 5-7 at best. Honestly, it's likely to be worse than that with Auburn, Miss State, and Missouri also on the schedule. That's not a good slate for a team with 3 losses already.