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The Big E College Football Picks: Week 7

College GameDay is in Ann Arbor this weekend for the Wolverines vs. Spartans matchup.

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Friends, we've got ourselves one heck of a college football weekend to feast upon. But first, congratulations to dudeacow for leading the league last week with 15 wins.


Our overall leader heading into week 7 remains Beardown_Irish with a crispy 80-45 record.

Ya boy continued to linger well out of striking distance barely over .500 so it's time to make a move.

Big E: 11-10 (65-60, 33rd Overall)

Now for this week's picks...

No. 17 Iowa (-2.5) at No. 20 Northwestern

Pick: Northwestern

How the heck did Iowa get to 6-0? Is this the quietest 6-0 start for a Power 5 team in recent history. And don't look now but it wouldn't stupid ridiculous if the Hawkeyes went 12-0. This is the last ranked team the Hawkeyes will face, and of course if the beat Northwestern the Wildcats aren't finishing ranked anyway. No Ohio State, Michigan State, Michigan, or Penn State for Iowa to play. The Big Ten, everybody!

Northwestern takes this one as the home dog because we can't have Iowa winning 12 games.

No. 13 Ole Miss (-10.5) at Memphis

Pick: Ole Miss

If Memphis wins does Justin Fuente take the USC job on Monday, Tuesday, or verbally agree to taking over the Trojans following the season?

This could be a close game. Memphis likes to play chippy and could get Ole Miss off their game. At least there's a chance for a backdoor cover by the Tigers. Still, they've given up 87 points to the the two good offenses they've faced this season. Ole Miss can win comfortably if they're focused.

No. 7 Michigan State (+8.5) at No. 12 Michigan

Pick: Michigan State

A pair of Top 12 teams both averaging under 6 yards per play on offense. Let's get ready for some defense! If you're concerned this is way too many points in a rivalry game consider the Wolverines are giving up 2.51 yards per play less on average than Michigan State. That's against a tougher schedule too.

There's enough pointing to Michigan winning this win, and maybe covering too. I'll take the points and see how things shake out.

No. 10 Alabama (-4) at No. 9 Texas A&M

Pick: Alabama

The Aggies have been off since a nice win over Miss State a couple weeks ago. Yet another team quietly sitting among the undefeated ranks in mid-October. This feels like a bit of a weird Sumlin team--much better on defense but not quite the offensive juggernaut of year's past with just 48 points in 2 SEC games so far.

The Tide won a big shootout their last trip to College Station, but I'm expecting a much lower scoring game this time around.

No. 8 Florida (+9.5) at No. 6 LSU

Pick: Florida

It's tough to pick against Leonard Fournette what with Florida losing their quarterback and everything. This feels like the game that's going to send the Gators back into the reality of rebuilding a little bit with a new coach. However, one of my rules is not to take a big favorite in SEC games between closely ranked teams.

Penn State (+17) at No. 1 Ohio State

Pick: Ohio State

If Ohio State is going to lose this game it'll fall squarely on their decision to wear Black for Black's Sake.

Nah, they'll blow Penn State out on Saturday. It's about time the Buckeyes started playing to their talent level.