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Rankings Review/Duke Open Thread

Even with two road wins last week, the Irish didn't move much in the polls. That won't matter if the Irish find a way to beat Duke later tonight.

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports
Ranking AP Coaches SBN Power Ranking ESPN Power Ranking Titus Winn KenPom RPI BPI SBN Bracketology Lunardi CBS Bracketology
This Week 8th 8th Not Released 9th 7th Not Released 12th 35th 12th 3 Seed 3 Seed 3 Seed
Last Week: 8th 9th 7th 10th 10th 10th 15th 39th 11th 3 Seed 3 Seed 3 Seed

Despite winning their two road games over Virginia Tech and NC State, the Irish didn't move up much in the traditional polls due to the lack of losses by teams ahead of them. The Irish did move up a few spots in the RPI and KenPom rankings, but their Strength of Schedule (189) is holding back their RPI ranking, and their defensive ranking (153 Adj) is limiting their KenPom ranking. KenPom does, however, rate ND as the best offense in the nation. As far as individual accolades go, Jerian Grant was named the ACC Player of the Week.

There's obviously a huge game tonight, and a win over Duke would move the Irish up in every poll, power ranking, and computer ranking. Coach K picked up his 1000th win in the Garden on Sunday, so there won't be a circus surrounding the game, just two good teams playing in an awesome atmosphere. We've got you covered with JoeSchu's preview of the game. If you're watching at home, join some of the staff here in the comments during the game. While you countdown the seconds to tip off, relive the Irish win over Duke from last season.

And if that's not enough to get you fired up, here's the ICON video from the comeback in Raleigh from Sunday night.