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Report: Zach Auguste Suspended

A report emerged late last night that Irish starting center would be suspended, which has been confirmed this morning for tonight's game against Georgia Tech.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The local FOX affiliate reported last night that Notre Dame Fighting Irish starting center Zach Auguste would be suspended from the team. They reported that this suspension would be for the remainder of the season.

This report has at least been confirmed by SI's Brian Hamilton, who tweeted that Auguste is suspended for tonight's game against Georgia Tech but indicates the length of the suspension is unclear.

This is obviously a crushing blow to an Irish frontcourt that has struggled at times, especially if the FOX report is true, and particularly with a bench that has been very inconsistency this season. Needless to say, Mike Brey is going to need to get huge improvements from Martinas Geben, Austin Burgett, and Austin Torres in order to reach the heights we were just starting to believe were possible for this team.

We can also hope that the suspension is a) not as serious as was initially reported, b) Auguste did not do something seriously wrong, and c) the Irish bench frontcourt improves massively whether or not Auguste is able to return.