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BREAKING: ND vs. OSU Series Announced

Notre Dame issued a press release today announcing a home-and-home series with the Ohio State Buckeyes in 2022 and 2023. Rumors of a potential arrangement had surfaced just in the last couple of days - to see such a significant announcement come to fruition so quickly after is a good indicator of how well Jack Swarbrick has things buttoned up in South Bend. Michigan will likely add a series with Wayne State in response, to prove their dedication to their home state.

From the official Notre Dame press release:

"I am excited we are able once again to bring these two programs together on the football field," says Notre Dame vice president and athletics director Jack Swarbrick. "Football games between Notre Dame and Ohio State make great sense from a strength-of-schedule standpoint."

One is immediately tempted to think that the timing of this announcement, two days before the last scheduled game with Michigan, is hardly an accident; one is tempted to think that Savvy Jack is perhaps as fed up with DiGiorno Dave Brandon's disingenous and deceitful whining and Brady Hoke's posturing about Notre Dame "chickening out" as the Irish fanbase is.

I think we can all agree that on this deal, Swarbrick has taken it to 11. Pizza for everyone!