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HOMAGE Giveaway: Who Wants a Free T-Shirt?

The cool new outfitter HOMAGE is giving away 5 free t-shirts with OFD. See how you can win one.

Notre Dame has a very diverse fan base from coast to cast and all over the world. In fact, the Irish fan base is so diverse that there are thousands of so-called Subway Alumni that live and die with the school even though they grew up far away from South Bend, Indiana. Hey, I'm one of those.

The outfitter HOMAGE wants to celebrate that diversity by giving away 5 t-shirts to our readers. Their new Notre Dame shirt looks like this:


Hopefully they will be making more Notre Dame shirts in the future. If you're an actual alum of Notre Dame or would like another shirt from Homage, check out their inventory and they will let you pick another. I must warn you, they are a Columbus based company which means a lot of Ohio State shirts but they make up for it with lots of other cool gear.

Here are some that I enjoy and maybe you do too:



It looks like I found another Notre Dame shirt, eh?

Here's how you can win a free t-shirt. Simply email the answers to the quiz below to The top 5 highest scores will win the free prize, or more likely, the first 5 to get in a perfect score will receive a free t-shirt. Not only are you a diverse bunch but you're awful smart too. I know there will be some of you who ace this test, even if it is open-book so to speak.

The contest will end on at 6:00 PM ET on Friday, September 26th. All entries are subject to the official rules, which can be found here.


  1. Who are the three Notre Dame quarterbacks who have been named unanimous All-Americans during their college career? (1 point for each)

  1. Name the player who still holds the Notre Dame school record for most career tackles. (2 points)

  1. Name the last Irish player to score a touchdown on a punt return. (1 point)

  1. This defender led Notre Dame in tackles for the 2013 season. (1 point)

  1. Jimmy Clausen's first interception of the 2009 season came on a late 2nd quarter heave against which team? (2 points)

  1. Who was the first Notre Dame player drafted by the NFL? (3 points)

  1. What do Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly and current redshirt freshman John Montelus have in common? (3 points)

  1. Who is the only non-interim head coach to have a losing career record at Notre Dame? (2 points)

  1. Which two Notre Dame players are tied for the most interceptions in a single season since the beginning of 2008? (2 points)

  1. Notre Dame has played Navy in 9 different cities over the course of the series. Name as many locations as you can. (1 point for each)

  1. Name the school that is tied with Notre Dame for the most Heisman Trophy winners. (1 point)

  1. Through 3 games of the 2014 season what is Notre Dame's all-time record when Everett Golson starts at quarterback? (1 point)

Please do not submit any answers in the comment section. If we have that problem we will close the comments in this article. Thank you, and good luck!