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Apply Here for the Opportunity to Write for One Foot Down

Do you like what we do? Do you think you can add something to the site? Here's your opportunity!

Jaylon is excited about this opportunity for you.
Jaylon is excited about this opportunity for you.
Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Nearly 6 years ago this blog was being run by one person. Today, there are 17 writers who contribute to One Foot Down. Right now we are looking for some more talent. Do you think you could work well within our team?

Here is what we are looking for in order of preference:

  • News desk assignments
  • General football coverage
  • Social media work
  • Football recruiting insight
  • Film breakdowns
  • Olympic sports coverage

If you have other areas in which you think you can add quality content we can discuss those, as well. But if you are confident in any of the above areas make sure to apply.

Current Notre Dame students are highly encouraged to apply, as are any alumni still interested in Fighting Irish athletics with a passion for writing. Additionally, we also are very comfortable with current readers who participate in our comment section with opinionated, insightful, and respectful thoughts.

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Please email the completed form (or just the answers if you want more room to write) to If you have any questions also feel free to email me and I'll be happy to answer them as best as I can.