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Trick Shot Wednesday: Purdue Week

Nope, still haven't stopped laughing since Saturday night.

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

I know that the so-called "smart thing to do" would be to be cautious in inferring too much from a sample size of only two games. However, caution's never really been my style, so if you're looking for a fan whose unbridled excitement and optimism regarding the remainder of Notre Dame's season is matched only by his incredible disdain for the Michigan Wolverines, then look no further. In fact, to celebrate Notre Dame's historic 31-0 pasting of the Wolverines, I found myself in a poetic mood and spun a few haiku verses. In no particular order:

Hey Devin Gardner
You've got Ninety-Eight problems
And your arm is one

Look at that fist pump
Golly gee willickers, guys
Look at Coach pump it

Those mums look horrid
Rockne's weeping in his grave
Sir please stop yelling

Crap, guys, 3rd and 1
But Coach said just throw touchdowns 
Oh, I guess that works

Siri, answer this 
Is maize a real color

VanGorder dons shades
Considers being merciful
Laughs, blitzes the house

Are you Troy Niklas
Please, call me Area Man
Says so on my shirt

And so on. Hatred of unholy things has kept me going ever since the days of the Old Testament (seriously, read the book of Exodus sometime), so it shouldn't be any wonder that I can do this allll day.

Last Week's Winners

Probably due to the blandness of Rice (the opponent, not the food), the turnout for the season's first TSW was not exactly a huge one. However, despite the apparent lack of excitement, Kendall Moore's Beer gut (a name which I am not yet tired of typing) got into a close one with yours truly before eking out the win:

Drawing upon centuries of superior robe and outerwear fashion expertise, First Down Moses (myself) put some fashion-forward words into Romeo Okwara's mouth:

This Week's Entry

As for this week's display of photographic silliness, I searched high and low but could find nothing approaching the incredible potential of Brian Kelly and Brady Hoke embracing one another after we whupped 'em and whupped 'em good last week. This is one of those rare opportunities where I get to step back and watch y'all tee off on this entry with unfettered glee, and it makes my job all the more worthwhile to me. If your caption serves as catharsis, then so much the better.

Poll Results

It appears that the 2012 game is still fresh enough in our memories to rank it up there as one of our all-time best games against U of M...but I'd bet that this year's edition is far, far sweeter for ND fans.