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Threads: New ND Football Unis Revealed

Notre Dame has officially released the first photos of the new Under Armour uniforms for 2014. No major changes, but some stuff worth talking about - because really, what else is going on right now? Nothing, right?

UPDATE: The Shamrock Series uniform was also revealed today. Under Armour put together a great video explaining the thinking behind it - Kevin Plank talks about the unique opportunity with Notre Dame to tell a story. The detailing on the uniform all relates to the Main Building, which is very well done. At least there's an actual idea behind it.

The long-awaited Under Armour uniform reveal is finally here; while Notre Dame's new apparel partner hasn't made any dramatic alterations - yet - there are a few key differences to highlight. We'll look at the 2014 home and away unis as compared to the 2013 versions to see what's changed. Love it? Hate it? Anything you didn't expect or would've liked to see? Jump into the comments!

At first glance, the non-Shamrock uniforms look almost exactly the same - the colors and major design elements are pretty much identical. There are six notable differences that I could spot in these photos, and at least five of them are, in my humble opinion, improvements to some degree - moving from the top down:

  • The manufacturer logo has moved from the base of the V-neck to the side of it. Minor improvement here, as focus is naturally drawn to the point of the V and I'd rather not see a logo there.
  • The baselayer is toned down. Not that I mind being creative with the underlayer, but I don't think Adidas ever really pulled it off well. The new underlayer is a solid color - blue for home, white for away - with a simple white/gold (home) or blue/gold (away) stripe at the end of the elbow-length sleeve that's designed to recall the striping on the Main Building roof. Looks cool.
  • The gloves are different. Not surprising, of course, and this is my "neutral" change because we can't really see much detail about how different they are.
  • The belt is all gold, blending with the pants, rather than black with a gold buckle. I could've flipped a coin on this one at first, but after thinking about it I think I prefer the all-gold belt. Makes for a nice smooth look.
  • The socks are styled the same as the underlayer. Nice connection there - although the socks are blue for home and away, which makes it not 100% consistent. Not a big deal, though, and an improvement over the solid color Adidas socks with a prominent Adidas logo.
  • The shoes are different. Again, not surprising. You can't see it too well here, but a close-up of the cleats was released a little while ago and I like the changes. The gold metallic soles/spikes are a really cool touch.
There's one other minor change that may have been made but wouldn't visible in the released photos; if indeed it happened, I think it's a really cool nod to Notre Dame's mission and tradition. A picture of an Under Armour ND jersey showed up on Amazon a few days ago before Amazon pulled it down, presumably because the stock fell off a truck or something. And it looked like a replica jersey, so it may not be exactly what the players wear. Still... On the right front hem was embroidered "GOD COUNTRY NOTRE DAME," in Uncial script. Awesome. I really hope that change is legit.

Under Armour 2014

Here are the 2014 Under Armour home, away, and Shamrock Series unis (all images courtesy of Under Armour):

Nd-home-uniform_medium Nd-home-baselayer_medium

Nd-away-uniform_medium Nd-away-baselayer_medium

Nd-shamrock-uniform_medium Nd-shamrock-baselayer_medium

Adidas 2013

Here are the 2013 Adidas home and away unis - had to dig a little to find usable photos: