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Trick Shot Wednesday: Remember the Titans' Helmet

Yet another inflatable-entrance-related debacle mars the glory and dignity of the 2014 NFL preseason.

The Titans' on-field shenanigans took the nation BY STORM.
The Titans' on-field shenanigans took the nation BY STORM.
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

It is well-known that many Notre Dame football fans long for simpler times. A time when men were men and helmets were for sissies. A time when the world was still black and white, in the sense that color hadn't been invented yet. But most earnestly, we yearn for a time when football players eschewed grandiose pregame displays and simply burst out of the endzone mud fully clad. [Ed. note: Wikipedia may be slightly off on that last one.]

Ladies and gentlemen, it is that last item that has been trampled upon in recent decades with the advent of those silly inflatable items that spew forth armored men onto the gridiron these days. Sure, it was okay when NHL teams in Florida or Dallas used them, because honestly, how the heck else are you going to get people to attend hockey games down there? But then our beloved football heroes decided that they must enter through oversized moonwalks to show how "cool" and "hip" they are, and football has never been the same.

When asked to comment, a 6'7", 270-pound Arizona resident--who vehemently denied (without being prompted) that he played tight end for a professional football team--was supportive of this recent shift. "I know that when I--I mean, those players--run out of those big puffy things and onto the field, they always have an extra bounce in their step." When informed about some fans' negative sentiments, he smirked and replied, "Sounds like those people's egos are a bit inflated, if you ask me." He then hopped into a brand-new Ferrari and sped off, but not before firing a parting shot about such naysayers being "full of hot air."


Random Arizona resident

It thus comes as no surprise that this issue blew onto the national scene last week, when the Tennessee Titans inflatable players' entrance was ripped off its moorings by a massive rainstorm before their preseason tilt against the Green Bay Packers. From the looks of things, a lot of those spectators don't look too happy about that inflatable monstrosity whipping around their field. Got any ideas about what they might be saying over there at LP Field? Well, then head down to the comments and let us know!

TSW Preseason, Round 1

--Only one witty soul was able to be green'd in last week's contest of Eli vs. E.J., and that person was none other than NDJuiceBox.

Poll Results

Gosh, only 49 of you have imagined how your grinning bronze face would look in the Hall of Fame? You mean to tell me that not everyone already has theirs planned out years in advance?? Have a little faith, you guys!

Go Irish, beat summer camp!