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Someone on the Internet Talks about the New Notre Dame Football Uniforms

Did someone on the internet leak the new Under Armour football uniforms?

While scrolling through my timeline this afternoon I came across a tweet from @UniWatch that came from one of the website's readers. That person claims to have seen the new Under Armour football uniforms. Of course, this could turn out to be completely false or a prototype that will not be used. At any rate, I thought it was worthy to share with everyone.

Pretty interesting?

As someone who believes socks are an integral and underrated aspect to the uniforms I'm heartened to hear that the home socks are blue and even have striping. I'm sure they are just mid-level crew socks and not long pro-style socks so I won't get my hopes up too much.

I'm very pleased to see the old gold pants color is here to stay. Great move, if true.

It's not very surprising, given AD Jack Swarbrick's comments in the past, that the rest of the uniform is basically the same as it was before. However, I do think a lack of a Notre Dame logo on the front of the jersey is a curious move. I'd be open to putting something (shamrock, monogram, dome, etc.) on the right chest to off-set the Under Armour logo. When the logo has been on the uniform it's always been at the neckline so this could be a good way to present something different.

That Shamrock Series uniform, though?

I think this one has potential to beat the 2012 version as the worst ever. Blue on blue? Blue pants! And while the monogram on the helmet isn't exactly absurd it certainly isn't creative. The complete absence of white (why do manufacturers keep doing this?) doesn't leave me thinking this uniform will look sharp. I'll wait until I see this whole thing but that jersey sounds really bad.

We'll see if Under Armour surprises me.