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Notre Dame Wide Receiver Will Mahone No Longer Enrolled in School

Mahone was arrested last month near his hometown and is still fighting a legal battle.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Last month we published a story on the arrest of Notre Dame wide receiver Will Mahone. Since that time he was suspended indefinitely from the football program and last night we learned from the South Bend Tribune that Mahone is no longer enrolled in school.

Junior wide receiver Will Mahone, whose arrest last month resulted in five charges, three of them felonies, is not enrolled at Notre Dame, a university spokesman confirmed Monday.

While this doesn't entirely close the door on Mahone's return to Notre Dame it almost certainly will result in him missing the 2014 football season. However, per the SBT report his lawyer has said Mahone would in fact like to return to Notre Dame at some point.

James Gentile, Mahone's attorney, said Monday night that Mahone would like to return to Notre Dame. But, Gentile said, Mahone is of the understanding that he will not be allowed to return to the school as long as the felony charges against him are pending.

"That's what the school has told him," Gentile said. "If for some reason those felonies are reduced or something happens, then he's free to reapply."

I would imagine it will be nearly impossible for Mahone to have his legal issues resolved at any point in time to re-apply to the school before the spring 2015 semester. At that point you have to wonder if it makes the most sense for Mahone to come back, especially if he wants to continue his football career. He'll have two years of eligibility remaining for 2015 and 2016 but his chances at being rewarded a fifth-year on the team are slim at best.

Would he come back for one more year of football? Would he graduate on time after missing a summer session or what looks like at least a full semester, if not a full year? At this point we'll have to take Mahone's word that he plans on coming back but this will continue to be an uphill battle for him on many fronts.