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The Helmet Helper: It's a Revolution

Celebrate Independence Day with this new UMass football helmet.


ndmspaint and Eric present...The Helmet Helper Project

Last week's project: Army Black Knights

Let me ask you a question. When I say "UMass football" what pops into your mind? I'll wait. Do you need a moment? It's okay, I'm patient. Okay this is the point where you say I'm sorry I can't think of anything. It's okay, you're not alone.

Does anyone know what UMass' uniforms look like? What's on their helmet? Since I'm here to help, I've become one of three people this calendar year to Google "UMass football" and show you the evidence. Up until last year the Minutemen were wearing these bastions of creativity. Way to be bold, fellas. I hesitate to use the word improvement, but I guess last year's effort counts. The kids like black, so you got that going for you.

Another thing you may not have noticed is that UMass' foray into Division I football hasn't gone all that well. I'd like to argue the merits of the school moving back down a level to get competitive again, but 2-22 records are acceptable because money, or something.

Initial Sketch


On this Independence Day we're proud to announce that UMass is moving in a more patriotic and American direction with their helmets. No, we can't do much with the real-life mascot. We don't want the school being known for having the bland white guy with a funny hat on the side of their helmet.

Hey, what's that the Minuteman is carrying. Yes! That's the answer right there.

Finished Design


Speak softly and put a rifle on your helmet. That's what I say.




Time to start the advertising campaign.