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The Helmet Helper: ***Deafening Motorcycle Noise***

Wake Forest is given a revolutionary new helmet that is bound to amaze.


ndmspaint and Eric present...The Helmet Helper Project

Last week's project: Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

What did I talk about last week? Damn it, why do so many schools think putting two letters on a helmet is a good idea? What the heck, Wake Forest?

How does this happen? Who came up with this design and were they paid for their efforts? Where do we turn to help Wake with their helmet, though?

We could always go with the Tim Duncan face. Maybe make it a different face every week?

Initial Sketch


We decided to go with the Demon Deacon on his hog, though.

Distinctive mascot. Huge motorcycle. It all works really well for their school.

Finished Design


Except, why stop at a static logo? This thing needs to move!

Actual Finished Design


Our first GIF helmet zooms around in style. Distracting? Possibly, but what definitely will be are the mini speakers built into the ear hole that blasts motorcycle noises. Good luck to any offense trying to move the ball against that cacophony of American muscle all up in your business.