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New Notre Dame Field Turf Design Released

Some small changes in the end zones and a mid-field logo, finally.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Today the University released a statement on the new field turf design that has been rumored to be part of the new surface. A couple of months ago head coach Brian Kelly told reporters what it would look like and he was almost exactly on point.


The University of Notre Dame's new FieldTurf surface at Notre Dame Stadium will be put in place in the next few weeks, and a strong sense of history will permeate the look of the field and its markings.

The football field itself will include the traditional diagonal striping in both end zones. There will be 18 lines (nine in each end zone), and they will be oriented at 42-degree angles toward the Basilica and the Golden Dome. The numbers 18 and 42 represent 1842, the year the University was founded.

There will be a traditional interlocking ND logo at midfield, and the 35-yard-line marks for kickoffs will include small green shamrocks.

"The interlocking ND is the most recognized symbol of our University and its athletics programs, and we wanted to communicate that to our fans and all those viewing our home games on NBC," said Notre Dame vice president and athletics director Jack Swarbrick.

"The integration of the shamrocks allows us to achieve consistency across all of our new or recently renovated facilities where both the interlocking ND and a shamrock have a presence on the playing surface.

"While being careful to maintain the look and feel of the original Rockne bowl, we are using this opportunity to make sure that every visual element of the field is carefully considered and helps to celebrate our University and its rich traditions.

"Examples of the latter will include a reworking of the planters along the sidelines to include Irish coastal grasses with the mum plantings, as well as the application of appropriate color pantones and theming to sideline equipment, pylons and yard markers."

The turf field is expected to be delivered next week and installation will begin shortly thereafter.

How neat.