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Decision Debate: Which School Will Illinois Receiver Miles Boykin Choose?

Four-star wide receiver Miles Boykin decides on his school tomorrow and the OFD staff weighs in with their picks.

Boykin at the Columbus NFTC camp.
Boykin at the Columbus NFTC camp.
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Tomorrow, four-star wide receiver Miles Boykin will be making a verbal commitment to a college of his choice. A few of our One Foot Down writers weigh in with their thoughts on the matter and throw down a pick for which school they think he'll be choosing.


Miles Boykin

  • Providence Catholic
  • New Lenox, Illinois
  • Wide Receiver
  • 6-4, 220 pounds
  • Composite Score- 0.9185 (4-star)
  • No. 187 National, No. 23 WR, No. 2 Illinois

Uyeyama Scouting Report

He is a huge threat in the red zone and would be a tough match up for any defender. Any type of jump ball situation, Boykin has a huge advantage. He really did a nice job against press coverage. He's a natural hands catcher as well, so he's able to make the tough catches that are above the defenders head where only he has a chance to get the ball.

While he can win with his body and using it to shield defenders, he's just not sudden enough in my opinion to gain separation on a lot of routes. So while he is a big time red zone target, quarterbacks may be forced to make very tight throws if he's matched up against corners in college.

The Competition

Notre Dame- The favorite with the need for size at wideout.

Michigan State- Grabbed some momentum late with a last visit.

Michigan- They've been in the mix for a long time.

Florida- The lone Southern team throwing their hat in the ring.

Illinois- The in-state school was the first to offer.

Missouri- A late visit in the process got the Tigers involved.

The Staff Picks

manor98: The physically impressive prospect - he's about the same size as TE Mike Heuerman was in high school - will give the class the big receiver that it has lacked. In fact, when he enrolls, Boykin will be the second-tallest receiver on the team behind Rear Admiral Corey Robinson. Waterbugs are good, but so are trees.

Pick: Nd_small_medium

4pointshooter: It won't be all disappointments for ND on Wednesday as the big bodied receiver from Illinois will make his ND commitment official that day. While Michigan State has made a strong run at him and even secured the latest visit, I think Mike Denbrock will close hard with him. You can't really top Boykin's size and speed combination and he has a chance to be a cornerstone on offense in the years to come.

Pick: Nd_small_medium

Paul Rigney: He's been to South Bend what....three, four times so far? You don't do that unless you're really interested in Notre Dame. Believe me. I've been to South Bend many times. The air used to smell like french toast, yet you can't stay away if you love everything else about the place.  I think Boykin isn't stupid: he knows what is expected of him and his WR/TE body type fits perfectly well with an offense that can get him the ball. [puts on tinfoil hat] His newest Twitter follower of the football variety is Mike Elston (forget the two MSU coaches I SAID DON'T LOOK AT THEM [takes tinfoil hat off] But seriously, I think right now he's going to commit to ND. However, I'm getting Elijah Hood vibes about this one, so ND better keep on him even after the commitment.

Pick: Nd_small_medium

Eric Murtaugh: All indications point to Notre Dame. We can use Boykin's height at receiver and he gives the Irish the flexibility to pass on a true tight end. He's got a great frame and if the weight gain comes he'll be an excellent flexed out tight end prospect. I'm a little concerned that he's deciding immediately following a trip to East Lansing, though. We've seemed to be in the driver's seat since the early spring but the Spartans were in on Boykin pretty early too. Still, the Irish feel like a pretty safe bet.

Pick: Nd_small_medium

alstein: Plenty of indication that he is going to Notre Dame, including his constant visits this year and friendship with incoming freshman Nic Weishar. Plus, he's gotta be Irish, if for nothing else than for Core 6 to send Notre Dame a Miles, Nile, and Nyles in consecutive classes.

Pick: Nd_small_medium

Jamie Uyeyama: Notre Dame is at least expecting some good news on Wednesday with Boykin expect to commit to the Irish later in the evening. Many places have said Notre Dame has been in a good position with Boykin for a long time and fuel was added to the fire when the place he trains at, Core6, tweeted out that "the pipeline to Notre Dame was real".

It looks like they ended up deleting that and possibly because it kills any suspense that could come from a Boykin announcement, but Nyles Morgan and Nile Sykes both trained at Core6 as well. Just sayin', but I'll take it as a good sign and say Boykin will be Irish.

Pick: Nd_small_medium

Jim Miesle: Notre Dame has appeared to be the favorite since offering him at Junior Day in March.   He has taken his time and visited several other schools during his recruitment but continues to return to South Bend.  He clearly feels comfortable with the program and his future role.  At this point, anything but the Irish would be a big surprise.

Pick: Nd_small_medium