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Decision Debate: Which School Will Minnesota Defensive End Jashon Cornell Pick?

Four-star defensive end Jashon Cornell decides on his school tomorrow and the OFD staff weighs in with their picks.

Cornell at the Columbus NFTC.
Cornell at the Columbus NFTC.
Student Sports

Tomorrow, four-star defensive end Jashon Cornell will be making a verbal commitment to a college of his choice. A few of our One Foot Down writers weigh in with their thoughts on the matter and throw down a pick for which school they think he'll be choosing.


Jashon Cornell

  • Cretin Derham Hall
  • St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Defensive End
  • 6-4, 260 pounds
  • Composite Score- 0.9823 (4-star)
  • No. 37 national, No. 3 weak-side defensive end, No. 1 Minnesota

SB Nation Scouting Report

Cornell is an extremely strong prospect. And the competition he plays is not very impressive. Given that, he is easily able to overwhelm opposing blockers at the point of attack with his strength, tossing them aside. But strength is not Cornell's only attribute. He also shows solid burst and get-off at times relative to his size, uncoiling out of his stance and playing low. Testing numbers confirm his explosion as he has consistently posted very good vertical leaps relative to his size.

Uyeyama Scouting Report

You just can't teach the way he attacks off the ball though. You can rep it as many times you want, but for some players it just comes more naturally and that's an extremely valuable trait that Cornell possesses that's going to serve him well in the future. He also does a great job of finding the football and pursuit. He shows good instincts and a desire to make plays.

The Competition

Ohio State- Buckeyes with the momentum and last visit.

Notre Dame- The long time favorite has been slipping for a considerable time.

Michigan State- Briefly a leader and a school with a great defensive coaching staff.

Alabama- The powerhouse always lurking in the background ready to surprise.

Iowa- Will 5 trips to campus do the trick?

Michigan- Among the favorites at one point.

Penn State- The Nittany Lions are making a late push.

The Staff Picks

alstein: I think he has been off the staff's radar for awhile now unless he took the initiative to visit. The Buckeyes are the only team that makes sense at this point, with Michigan dropping him and all of his many other offers seemingly backing off from recruiting him all that hard. He was a major prospect as a rush DE, but as a tweener SDE/DT, that doesn't look to be the case anymore. I think Notre Dame is just fine at Cornell's new position with Elijah Taylor.

Pick: Osu_small_2_medium

Jim Miesle: There hasn't been much activity for the Irish in his recruitment recently, having not visited since April.  Notre Dame and Cornell seem to be on separate paths now, and him not attending Irish Invasion probably means ND is in the rearview mirror.  He has made it clear he plans on attending the same school as Justin Hilliard--meaning either one of my predictions is wrong or they decided to head their separate directions.

Pick: Osu_small_2_medium

4pointshooter: While ND has had great success with Cretin Durham Hall over the years, others in the OFD staff pointed that some of the very top recruits - such as Seantrel Henderson - didn't completely buy into all that ND was selling. His absence at Irish Invasion was a bit conspicuous. He doesn't seem to be all that tight with James Onwualu and short term memory probably means he has no connection to Michael Floyd either.

Pick: Osu_small_2_medium

manor98: The momentum has been drifting away from ND for about a year or so with Cornell, and there's no real reason to believe in a miracle reversal at the finish line. ND never really seemed to resonate with Cornell, for whatever reason, and I can't see him spending his college years there. He seems more Thomas Holley than Louis Nix.

Pick: Osu_small_2_medium

Eric Murtaugh: Once considered a heavy Notre Dame lean, maybe even a lock, Cornell looks to be a victim of several circumstances from our vantage point. I've commented before that he's probably burned out on Notre Dame. He's been a high profile national recruit for 2 years and has been dealing with folks pushing him to South Bend for months and months. You could feel Irish fans getting restless back in late 2013 without a Cornell commit and since he's waited this long to make a decision it's a very good sign that Notre Dame isn't the choice.

In early April the rumors started making the rounds that Diaco wasn't that high on Cornell. True or not, I don't think BVG and the current staff saw a great fit plus some writing on the wall from Jashon himself. He visited Notre Dame 4 times under Diaco and just once since BVG became the defensive coordinator. We've had plenty of time to re-focus over the last 6 months and it looks like Cornell just wasn't a major priority.

There are some questions about where Cornell fits after gaining considerable weight and the fact that we took a prospect like Micah Dew-Treadway before him speaks volumes. When you look at recruiting rankings that can be a tough pill to swallow but such is life if both camps aren't really feeling each other. I'm not entirely sold Cornell's choice on Wednesday is his ultimate destination--and I think there's only a very tiny chance he later flips to Notre Dame--so we'll see how final this pick is tomorrow.

Pick: Osu_small_2_medium

Paul Rigney: If a guy isn't interested, he isn't interested, and Cornell seemed to never really be interested in the Irish. What I am confused about is to why he is having a press conference, but if you want to make a show of it, go ahead I guess.

Pick: Osu_small_2_medium

Jamie Uyeyama: This is pretty much the writing on the wall. Cornell has not really seemed interested in Notre Dame for a long time. While Hilliard has been to Notre Dame multiple times in the spring and the summer, Cornell has been visiting other schools and has not shown up to Notre Dame even when he was rumored to do so.

There really isn't a solid explanation as to why Cornell did not seem interested in Notre Dame. He attends a high school that has sent several football players and students to Notre Dame and the Irish switched to a defensive scheme that fits him a lot better than the previous one. He also has a cousin, James Onwualu, who is going to be a sophomore at Notre Dame this season. Maybe him and Onwualu are only "friends cousins" and not actually "cousins cousins"? I don't know what the deal is.

Whatever the reasons are, he does not seem to be interested in following the same path that a lot of other players from Cretin-Derham Hall paved before him. He does seem intent on following Justin Hilliard wherever he goes though so that kind of kills most of the notion of Hilliard coming to South Bend. With not a lot of interest from Cornell and him raving about a recent visit to Ohio State, that pretty much wraps it up.

From now on Cornell shall be referred to as Buzz Killington by all Notre Dame fans.

To conclude on Cornell, he also said he still plans on taking a couple of visits to other schools after his commitment, so this is basically another one of those "Why he is holding a press conference?" type of announcements.

Pick: Osu_small_2_medium