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The Helmet Helper: The Peak of a Program

It's so simple and so sarcastic.


ndmspaint and Eric present...The Helmet Helper Project

Last week's project: Pitt Panthers

Oh, Boston College what are we supposed to do with you?

There's a little brother syndrome, a lot of tone deaf opinions on Notre Dame, and of course plenty of capitulation that the Irish mean more in Boston than their own school. We're not here to cause a stir with such concerns, though. What we aim to achieve is to make other college football teams look better on the field.

Boston College is the only team in the ACC without a logo on their helmet. This will not do. There's not enough brand recognition for the Eagles. Trust us, we know all about building brand recognition with a logo-less helmet.


We decided to keep things simple and very similar to Boston College's current style. It was tempting to use the bald eagle for some ferocious logo. Picture the intro to The Colbert Report but in the form of a helmet logo. Boy, we really need to get on that GIF helmet technology.

When it came time to make a decision on an initial plan the eagle was scrapped. Too generic, too Americana, and we don't want to give Under Armour any ideas to roll out more American flag/Warrior uniforms.


Yes, we put the year 1993 on the helmet.

On the one hand it's a painful blow to the pride of Notre Dame fans. Those suckers cost us a National Championship on that fateful day. Hat tip to your team from 20 years ago. Alas, it was just one football game.

We think this helmet perfectly defines Boston College. It's not so much about winning that game in 1993 as much as it is the fact that Notre Dame always looms large in the ego of Boston College. It's only right that their new helmet references the Irish as much as it does their own program.