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Trick Shot Wednesday: The Bosh-Duncan Tango

Dancing With The Stars, this ain't.

"Dude, I thought YOU had it!"
"Dude, I thought YOU had it!"
Andy Lyons

Welcome to another installment of Trick Shot Wednesday, the only place on the Interwebz where Notre Dame fans can come waste time captioning silly photos instead of doing important summer chores, like mowing the lawn or golf. Judging by the poll from last week's column, you guys don't exactly get fired up about that sort of other words, you're relatively normal Americans. But hey, at least we didn't have any quarterbacks decommit or anything, right? [Ed. note: FDM, didn't you notice the bright yellow OMB Breaking News banner? Or the multiple articles? Or the...never mind.]

As I write this, the Heat and the Spurs are tied 1-1 in the NBA Finals, while the Kings are looking to complete the Stanley Cup Finals sweep against the Rangers. Since I'm no basketball expert, I'm assuming most of you folks are much more in touch with what's a-happening in the NBA than I am. However, for this week's entry, I know enough to tell you that whatever it is that Tim Duncan of the Spurs and Chris Bosh of the Heat are doing, I'm confident that you guys will find some way to turn this photo into a smart-aleck caption or a ridiculous Photoshop. Make like a Spur and giddy-up!

Best Photocaption/Photoshop

--ConcreteCharliee added to his increasingly impressive TSW resume with a painting that was surely done by one of his medieval ancestors. StonemasonCharles, perhaps?

Poll Results

Believe me, I wasn't exactly expecting this to be the most thrilling poll we've ever conducted in OFD history. Regardless, if the OFD bus ever breaks down, which of you is the lone hero who listed themselves as a car mechanic? Send us your contact info so we can reach you at all hours of the night, please.

Go Irish, beat everyone!