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Trick Shot Wednesday: Finals Week 2014 Edition

Take your mind off of your 45-page final paper and focus on something worthwhile, kids.

Ben Smith gets (Irish) jiggy with it.
Ben Smith gets (Irish) jiggy with it.
Jonathan Daniel

As I write this iteration of TSW, the sounds of birds chirping, printers humming, and students' heads slamming on desks can be heard all across campus. Yes, it's Finals Week once again here at good ol' ND, and that means thousands of students are suddenly rediscovering what it means to do things like "study" and "review" and "stay up for 72 hours in a row finishing 4 research papers."

But despite these minor inconveniences, the advent of the month of May at Our Lady's University also brings much joy and happiness to the hearts of all--and sometimes this excitement manifests itself at the expense of a certain former USC coach. Following the pattern of our spring juggling act between several different ongoing sports, this week we return to the NHL playoffs, where Ben Smith (#28) of the Chicago Blackhawks recently cut a rug (or is that "ice sheet"?) with a little help from Marco Scandella (#6) of the Minnesotadontchaknow Wild. If you have any clue what that dude is trying to accomplish, then let us know in the comments with some brilliant Photoshopping and/or captioning. I have faith in you guys!

Best Photocaption

--Yet again, occtipus brought his A-game to demonstrate that Kiffin didn't bring his A-game to the yo-yo arena.


Best Caption

--As seems to be his custom, Eric Murtaugh eked out a joint victory along with burger23 thanks to asking some Deep Questions about the state of Kiffin's coif:

--Also receiving 6 votes was some schmuck who has never won TSW before. May I present the hitherto unheralded (co-)victor named...wait, First Down Moses???

Poll Results

I confess that last week's question was tad misleading, since it made the assumption that Lane Kiffin has the capacity to have any kind of "coaching weapon", let alone a secret one. Nevertheless, let's see what you all voted:

Hohohoho, thanks for giving me an excuse to post this GIF again!

Go Irish, beat everyone!!