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The Helmet Helper: Two for the Price of One

There were mistakes but we still improved Pitt's helmet.


ndmspaint and Eric present...The Helmet Helper Project

Last week's project: UConn Huskies

Pitt needs a lot of things. Their own stadium. New uniforms. And most certainly a new helmet. We should get a contest going because I'd put a ton of money on this drab helmet being one of the worst in the entire country. I'd love to hear the presentation when the idea for that helmet was pitched to the school.

Pitt most certainly fell victim to the "Let's switch to navy blue and muted colors" fad in the 1990's and they haven't come out of that era yet. As a result you couldn't design a more boring set of gear. They used to have unique look back in the day but no more.

So what are you supposed to do? You could build something around the Panther but they tried that before and it looked like a granite blob from anything over 3 feet away.

Initial Sketch


And let's be honest, are there any cat helmet logos out there that don't suck? Have you seen the new Jacksonville Jaguars helmet? It looks like Cheetara was the inspiration for that one. Not that Thudercats isn't awesome, it's just not something you want a football team to have on their helmet, ya dig? 

The script on the old Pitt helmets is worth preserving but just slapping that back on the lids wouldn't be much fun. What if we put a logo of a helmet on the helmet? Genius. It's like the double rainbow of college football.

Finished Design


Unfortunately, the finished product came out a bit wonky. The two tones of yellow weren't matched and the helmet stripe was believed to be some form of halo on the top. It's still better than their current helmet. Should we try to fix it? Come on, it's Pitt. We are leaving it.