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Trick Shot Wednesday: Twiggynet 101

"Blue Devils" is a silly nickname anyways, amirite you guys?

Maryland's Charlie Raffa and ND's Nick Ossello tangle on the turf.
Maryland's Charlie Raffa and ND's Nick Ossello tangle on the turf.
Rob Carr

Welcome back from your well-earned Memorial Day weekend, everyone. Obviously the big sports highlight of the weekend was that lacrosse game, right? No, not that one--I meant the big win over Maryland on Saturday, of course! Because there definitely weren't any games played after that one, no sirree. Nope, definitely nothing else--and I have the photograph above to prove it! [Ed. note: Look, you'll have to forgive FDM. He's not exactly happy with Duke for attempting to ruin Memorial Day.] Nuh-UH! I've never even heard of Duke!

ANYways, we'd like you guys to caption the header photo, wherein Maryland's Charlie Raffa and ND's Nick Ossello are going head-to-head--er, knee-to-head--on the field during last Saturday's national semifinal, which the Irish won 11-6. Look, however you decide to caption or photoshop this, just remember what Lou Holtz always said: "God doesn't care about who wins a lacrosse game...which obviously means that the only way to win a lacrosse title is to sell your soul to goateed demons." [Ed. note: FDM, are you making this up? Because that sentence is way too legible to be Lou.]

Best Photoshop

--Despite a few misgivings from the commentariat about including the Pacers, occtipus managed to put a good face on the situation (har har).

Best Caption

--ConcreteCharliee summed up the general confusion over eyerish9299's sick lyrics (yo) by providing the solution to all the baffled folks on the blog.

Poll Results

Wow. Give yourselves a round of applause for providing the most balanced poll results of the entire year, and then give yourselves another round of applause a smack in the jaw for looking out for Number One not thinking of your children. For shame.

Go Irish, beat everyone!