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Trick Shot Wednesday: Shake Down the (Chocolate) Thunder

Why yes, I WAS looking for an excuse to feature Big Lou on TSW again.

Y'all better run.
Y'all better run.
Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

So if you're anything like me, you probably woke up this morning in a bit of a...defeated mood after last night's game. You needed some kind of a lift, but you didn't dare to turn on SportsCenter (for obvious reasons), and the triple espresso you chugged on the way to work didn't quite get it done either. Now you're cooped up in your cubicle and gazing longingly out your office window at the beautiful weather and daydreaming about this weekend's Blue & Gold Game...

Wait a minute. You just figured out what you need, didn't you? If you answered "Yes please, I would like to relive that glorious sight of an armored 350-pound man rumbling into the endzone as thousands of fans cheer," then you've got your wish. Football season is (kind of) back, everyone!

Best Photoshop

--Paul Rigney woke up, saw last week's TSW on his screen, and told himself, "Alright, self, today's the day I'm gonna become a Photoshop master!" And it was beautiful.

Best Caption

--Idocd went inside The Leprechaun's head, and quite frankly, it's equally hilarious/terrifying on the above Photoshop as it is on the original photo. Is that a good thing? [click here for full-sized image]

Poll Results

God bless you people and your [incredible plethora/abysmal lack] of mad dance skillz. Never change.


Just as a reminder, if you're coming to this weekend's Blue & Gold Game, then make sure to click here to coordinate with your fellow OFD-ers regarding seating, tailgates, and general good times. See you in the comments, and GO IRISH!