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Trick Shot Wednesday: Sing ALL the Alleluias!

Who's ready for some Easter--er, Eastern Conference playoff basketball?

Andy Lyons

Happy Easter, everyone! I was originally going to use photos of the OFD Staff Easter Egg Hunt for this week's TSW, but we decided that doing that might cause...a little tension. You see, the event didn't exactly go smoothly. The Rigney brothers destroyed half the eggs by punting them or playing "wall-egg" with them; Larz and Burgs were scribbling arrows and circles on grainy satellite footage of the egg-hunt area in an attempt to spy on the field; and Mouth and JoeSchu spent all day arguing about the merits and "tradition" of using natural grass instead of FieldTurf in Easter Egg hunts. And don't even get me started on the 85-page rulebook Eric gave us beforehand. Yeesh.

So, obviously it might not be proper for those photos to be shared. However, since we've been giving quite a bit of attention to our friends in the National Slideypuck League recently, I figured it's only fair that this week's photo showcases a sport that involves more hopping and flopping than a whole pasture full of Easter bunnies. The National Hoopyball League has long been known for its deep-rooted traditions, its unfailingly energetic fanbases, and its iconic place in the hearts of all sports-loving Americahahaha just kidding, that's what college basketball is for.

"But FDM! FDM!" you cry. "That's not true at all! At the very least, professional hoopyball is way cooler than that totally lame sport you play on frozen ponds with sticks and silly-looking sweaters!" Well okay then, hypothetical snarky member of the Commentariat. Hows about we invite Paul George and a few of his buddies from the Indiana Pacers to show off the beauty and grace of professional hoopyball? Go ahead and caption THAT.

Best Photocaption/Photoshop

--ConcreteCharliee nabbed the highest-voted entry from last week by shamelessly appealing to our awareness of Holy Week and a general #Loluongo atmosphere. Plus, "Beelzebubby" is a really fun word to say.

--clearwall turned in yet another strong entry with his interpretation of how Luongo will be spending his offseason:

Best Caption

--fishoutofwater demonstrates just how desperate some goalies are to impress the ladies:

Poll Results

[sees NHL-to-NBA vote ratio] I always knew I liked you guys.

Happy Easter, and Go Irish! CHRISTUS RESURREXIT, RESURREXIT VERE!! [Alleluia x2]